Avocado Toast Served Four Ways


If you’re around my husband, please try to avoid the subject of avocado toast. It’s very triggering for him because he’s the one who actually invented avocado toast when he was around 8 years old. Now “they” have stolen his idea and nobody has given him any credit. Everybody just goes around eating A.T. at restaurants for $10 a pop and he’s been making it for 40 years for around $1.25. You can see how this can upset him. Since we live with the inventor of avocado toast, we eat it often. Sometimes we even have avocado toast for dinner! Everybody in our family has their own special way to eat A.T.  It’s so much more than just a piece of bread with some smashed up green good fat goodness smeared on top. If you love my husband’s invention, here are four ways to serve avocado toast.   

The Jennie – This version is named after me. Toast Dave’s Killer Bread 21 Whole Grains & Seeds and butter lightly. Top with smashed avocado and a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt & pepper. Pile on sliced hard-boiled egg and some snacking tomatoes that have been quartered lengthwise. The final step, the crowning glory is a drizzle of the Trader Joe’s balsamic vinegar glaze.  Oh, goodness.   

The Roberto – Named after my first born and lover of all things fishy. A thick slice of crusty French bread or fresh baked sourdough bread topped with smashed avocado. On top of that goes some smoked salmon and a few small dollops of tzatziki sauce or tartar sauce.   

The Westie – Named after my youngest and quite the connoisseur of food. Not necessarily a picky eater but picky about what he eats. Also, we cannot call it avocado toast around him. He prefers to call it an avocado sandwich. Now that that is cleared up, he likes his with “regular” bread, cooked but definitely not toasted (it’s toasted), a smear of mayo and topped with sliced avocado. Please do not smash it or he will turn into a gremlin. Next, sprinkle with Bagel Seasoning. On top of that goes some deli turkey and iceberg lettuce with a drizzle of Newman’s Own Vinegar & Olive Oil salad dressing. He eats it open faced, which he calls it a sandwich with no lid, so it still is technically avocado toast. 

The Daddyman – As the inventor of avocado toast, my husband is a purist and he likes to keep everything in life simple. He likes his OG style with whatever bread is around, toasted and topped with smashed avocado. Sprinkled with salt & pepper.   

It’s a fact that my fellow contributors here at Scottsdale Moms have a major love for all things avocado.  Check out Angela’s life-changing hack for how to cut an avocado and my delicious creamy broccoli avocado soup.   


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