Name Bubbles – Are you ready for summer camp?!

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Are you ready for summer camp?!

My children cannot wait to make new friends, swim, play, and devote the summer to having the time of their lives! 

Are you sending your kids to camp this summer? I’m here to remind you – don’t forget the most important part of packing for camp – Name Bubbles! As my hand cramps from filling out the camp registration forms for each kiddo, I want to give you my best summer camp advice. Use Name Bubbles to label every item if you want everything you pack to make it home!

Labels are a lifesaver for campers!

My first encounter with labels convinced me they were a summer camp must. As a mother of five, we pack a lot of water bottles each day. It was a sad realization when we returned from school or a summer adventure missing water bottles and cups. I tried labels to see if I could keep from having to buy replacement water bottles every other week.

I ordered a different label design for each kiddo. I had the kids sit with me and help me choose a design or color that they loved. Name Bubbles offers unique colors and designs that any kid will love! When the labels arrived, the kids sat down with me and helped me label their cups and water bottles. I could not believe it when we made it through a full week with every single water bottle or cup returned! I realized the labels were worth the investment!

Since then, I’ve been grateful for labels more times than I can count. You know those mornings that they remind you they need a brown bag lunch at the last second because they have a field trip? You know the times that you send something very special to school for show and tell and you are praying it makes it back home? Those are the moments I’m so glad we have a batch of labels in our home.

Where else can you use Name Bubbles? 

  • Use Name Bubbles to label water bottles and backpacks.
  • Use Name Bubbles medical labels to alert anyone around you of allergy and dietary needs, keeping everyone alert and sensitive to your camper’s needs.
  • Use Name Bubbles to avoid germ mix-ups by labeling hand sanitizer and masks.
  • Use Name Bubbles to personalize coats, clothing or sports equipment.
  • Use Name Bubbles on day camp snack bags to make sure your kiddo keeps track of their snack each day.

If you are sending your child to summer camp, be sure to look at their Camp Variety Pack. The labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including a few labels with all of your contact information listed. Their labels are dishwasher safe, freezer safe, microwave safe, and waterproof! Name Bubbles helped us stay organized with camp gear and I know they will help you too. 

Have a wonderful time at summer camp!