DIY Halloween Decorations, using your empty wine bottles {Halloween Week}


Raise your hand if you feel bad throwing away the countless wine bottles you go through in a week? Ok, maybe everyone doesn’t go through countless wine bottles, but you go through a few right? (…crickets…) Fine. Well, you, someone in your home, or someone you know probably has a few empty wine bottles laying around. I was just hit over the head by this idea when I was in the middle of decorating for Halloween and some empties on the kitchen counter started peering at me!

DIY Wine bottle graphic

You’ll be happy to know that this DIY Halloween decoration project is so easy a goblin could do it!


-Empty Wine Bottles and/or other various sizes of glass bottles

-Flat, matte black spray paint

-Free Printables

-Sticker paper

-20 minutes, including dry time!

After gathering all your supplies, start by painting your wine bottles. Give them two good coats of matte black spray paint with the corks on. Here’s the even better part about this project… you can paint OVER the wine labels! The matte black spray paint covers the labels so perfectly you’d have to look at the bottles with a magnifying glass after painting them to see the original wine bottle label. Don’t waste that elbow grease trying to muscle them off; simply go over the labels.

two bottles black


Now that your wine bottles are painted, download the super festive and totally creepy FREE Halloween wine bottle labels from The Elli Blog!




Print them on sticker paper and cut them out using shears or a paper cutter. Once you’ve cut them out, get ready to position the stickers onto your bottles! Guesstimate the middle of the bottle and stick ’em on! Then, place the corks back in the bottles, or use long tapered candles in each bottle.

DIY STYLING TIP: I used two wine bottles and an old beer jug that is that iodine bottle color. Together, they compliment each other perfectly and help add to the creepy factor!

after halloween wine bottles 2

after halloween wine bottles

20 minutes later, you’ve got a festive and elegant centerpiece or mantel display to add to your Halloween decoration collection. If you’re going to a Halloween party this year, these free labels can also be used on full wine bottles – a perfect gift for the ghoulish host or hostess! Place your bottles on a kitchen or serving tray, accessorize with your favorite ghostly trinkets, maybe add some spider webs and the scene has been set for a scary serving space.

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