Contributor Corner | What’s in your diaper bag/purse?


I love taking a peek into people’s diaper bags (or purses for you much more experienced and wiser moms). I’m not sure why but I feel like it gives me insight into that person’s life – insight that I’d never have otherwise.

Let me give you a couple of examples… If I were to take a look in your diaper bag and find a a very neat and orderly bag I would assume that you are a very organized person.  More than likely you floss each day and you keep most things in your life in tip top order.  Or if I found a row of saltine crackers I’d venture to guess you are expecting.  Or better yet if found 2 extra pairs of clothing, 6 diapers, a full case of diaper wipes, Sophie the giraffe, puffs, a summer and winter blanket (just in case), a burp cloth, socks and shoes, 3 stuffed toys,  Baby Tylenol and Baby Orajel it’s pretty safe to assume that you’re a first time mom 🙂

With that thought in mind we thought it might be fun to give ya’ll a little glimpse into all of our diapers bags and purses.

Here are the questions…

What is the most RANDOM item in your diaper bag or purse? 
What is the most PRACTICAL thing in your diaper bag or purse? 

And our answers…


Random :: A gift card for candy at The Play Factory. It says that I have a hard time spending gift cards and that I just used up half of this one that I received when buying an online deal-package-thing.  I wanted to ration my points and save them for later – in case I had a craving for candy at a later date. As if the $4 (that’s what it’s worth in candy) would break the bank if I decided I needed $4 worth of candy.
Practical :: Diapers, wipes and a change of clothes for little E.  Seriously – I keep this thing pretty lean b/c I hate clutter and I hate maintaining clutter. Hate. It.


Random :: Gax X Strips.  Yes… maybe a bit TMI but lets just say that during both of my pregnancies I had terrible gas pains so these were a lifesaver.  Why I haven’t taken them out yet, I have no idea!
Practical :: Dum Dums.  Ok… maybe not necessarily practical per-say but ESSENTIAL with my little Ms. Nora. These Dum Dums are a the only way I get through a long shopping trip.  They are literally my ticket to keeping my little girl happy for the last 10-15 minutes of a shopping excursion. 🙂


Random :: super fancy, velvet flower & feather hair clip.  What can I say?  I am a mom to three little girls that stuff things in their little brother’s diaper bag.
Practical :: Arm & Hammer diaper bags. When visiting friends, I’d ask where they’d like me to put a stinky diaper.  Most people say, “Oh, just throw it in the trash.”  I hated the idea of stinking up a house, so I loved finding these scented bags.  They are perfect for those moments.


Random :: Headphones. I’m talking about the large ones your kids would use in school to listen to a book on tape. Carter’s been obsessed with wearing these lately. I’m sure we look a little goofy. But, hey, if he’s happy and it’s not hurting anyone, I say go for it!
Practical :: Snacks! Everything from granola bars to lollipops. I feel like I need to have multiple tricks in my bag to keep peace at times the shopping trip has gone on way too long. Sometimes, they work for me too!


Random ::  A single earring. I LOVE to wear earrings, but well I get about 15 min into an outing holding a grabby little 8 month old and immediately remember why those beloved chandelier earrings were retired from my wardrobe. I end up taking them off and well, I guess its pair has joined up with all my mis-matched socks.
Practical :: 2 complete changes of clothes for each child. I would much rather be understanding about an accident and be able to change the kids clothes than get upset because we had to leave somewhere early as a result of the inevitable.


Random :: A few spare K-cups for my Keurig coffee maker. I guess this says that I have a small addiction to caffeine. 🙂
Practical :: A stash of “Yummy Earth” organic lollipops (Sprouts). I use these to barter for good behavior in desperate situations. My 2 year old is huge fan and I don’t feel quite so bad because at least the wrapper SAYS organic.


Random :: I have fingernail clippers on my keychain. My dad always had them on his growing up and I followed suit as soon as I had keys of my own. I’m a chronic hangnail/cuticle picker so sometimes this keeps me from inflicting major trauma on myself, but you wouldn’t believe how many other times it comes in handy, or how often someone says, “does anyone have any fingernail clippers?”. I always do.
Practical :: My iPhone. I am a HUGE techie/geek and manage most of my life and our family’s schedule electronically. My emails, contacts, calendar(s), maps/GPS, social media, camera – you name it – are all at the touch of a touch screen. I even do things like record voice memos for myself on the way to the grocery store of things I don’t want to forget and play them back in the aisles. Nerd alert!! 🙂

Steph C:

Random :: Princess Leia LEGO keychain – earning points with my son while staying true to my roots.
Practical :: A pen.  I hate using the germy ones in stores


Random :: nail clippers: they were in there because with boys you just never know when you are going to need to cut those dirty nails!
Practical :: lip gloss!  I have like 5 lip glosses in my purse.  You know because when you live in Arizona you never know when dehydration will hit…and let’s face it, I want to be kiss ready when the hubs comes home from work! 🙂

Now we want to hear from YOU!

What’s in your diaper bag/purse? Random & Practical.


  1. Tracy I am DYING at the fact that we both RANDOMLY have nail clippers in our possessions at all time. I knew the first time we met that we had lots in common, and this confirms it! 🙂

  2. Random–$30 in trade credit for a bookstore in a state where I no longer live. Just can’t throw it away! I keep thinking I’ll go back someday, and of course I’ll want to hit up the bookstore while I’m there.
    Practical–butterfly bandages. What can I say? I have a lot of boys….

  3. Jess, I had just taken out three pairs of earrings for the same reason! the day before these questions were posed! E is sooo strong. It’s really not worth it!

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