Considering Home Schooling in Scottsdale | Part 2


As you look to consider what type of education is best for your children, here are some questions to ask yourself and to discuss with your spouse:

How do you define education?

What does it mean to be educated?

Is education the accumulation of a particular set of knowledge?

Or…the mastery of it, perhaps?

By what standard do you measure successes and  failures?

Do we come into the world as empty vessels…needing to be filled?  Blank slates if you will?

Are we to be filled with the same information others are being filled with at the same time they are being filled?

And, who does the filling?

Are we unique individuals created for a purpose with specific gifts and abilities already present at birth, which are revealed, recognized, and nurtured over time?

If so, who does the revealing?

And,  who does the recognizing & nurturing?

Allow yourself a season of learning.  Allow time to ponder the answers to the many questions which will organically arise on this journey.

Home-educators…this process holds within it the potential of rocking your world in ways never imagined.

One more question…

How are you arriving at your answers?

Wait…that leads to another one…

Could the filter you run thoughts through be flawed?

Remember, Home-education is more about learning than it is about teaching.




Dawn Gregg  is a local writer/photographer.  She and her husband, Bradley have five children.  They are passionate about the Lord, film, food, thrift finds, adoption, and home-education among other things.

They are sorta kinda hippie …you can learn more about them by visiting their blog: or


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