Considering Home Schooling in Scottsdale | Part 1


Over the next three days, we have a Scottsdale Mom sharing her insight on home schooling.  Scottsdale is actually full of families who embrace this alternative method of education for their families.  There are support groups available and families with common goals right here in Scottsdale!  Here’s Dawn with a tip on what you need to get ready for:


You are considering home-education. For whatever reason, this much discussed and often misunderstood option is on the table for your family. Maybe you’ve been politely ignoring that still, small, persistent voice that’s been prompting in this direction for a while now? Maybe circumstances are SHOUTING very clearly that it is most definitely time to change course? However the conviction arrives…you find yourself unable to dismiss it.

It seems as if you are going to be one of those “alternative lifestyle” people. And not only that…but OH MY GOODNESS….you are taking your kids along for the ride!

Oh Dear Ones, embrace the change about to hit your family head on. By embrace, I mean… to the best of your ability…welcome with open arms and open hearts. By change, I mean….what could possibly turn out being a complete 180.

Living a lifestyle of home –education will teach you MUCH about yourself, your spouse and your children.

The teachers I learn most from are those who are teachable. Get ready to LEARN.




Dawn Gregg  is a local writer/photographer.  She and her husband, Bradley have five children.  They are passionate about the Lord, film, food, thrift finds, adoption, and home-education among other things.

They are sorta kinda hippie …you can learn more about them by visiting their blog: or


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