4 Sunroom Ideas to Brighten Your Home


Imagine spending your mornings sipping coffee and catching up on the book you’ve been neglecting in your bright and inviting sunroom. While this may seem like an unachievable daydream, it’s actually much simpler than you’d think to create a sunny oasis in your home. 

Before we dive into how to create a sunroom in your home, let’s talk about the benefits of adding a little more vitamin D to your life. Here are a few of the benefits to consider.

Lower Electricity Bill

We’d all like to spend a little less on our electric bills, right? A sunroom might be able to help with that. Even on the cloudiest of days, your sunroom will offer enough light to be able to see clearly without lamps or overhead lights. This space can be a great place to work during the day without leaning on electricity. 

Higher Real Estate Value

If you decide to add a sunroom to your home, this will increase the value along with the square footage. Just like you would enjoy a sunroom in your home, potential buyers will consider this an added luxury as they hunt for their perfect space. This extra value will often outweigh the cost of adding a sunroom in the first place. 

Experience Health Benefits

It’s no secret that sunlight can be beneficial to humans. Spending more time in the sun can offer a wide variety of health benefits such as lower cholesterol levels. While home renovations can at times be stressful (especially with young children), sunrooms have actually been shown to help lower blood pressure. Sunlight can also strengthen your immune system, and of course, you’ll receive an amazing boost of vitamin D, which is responsible for supporting healthy bones and cardiovascular health. 

Serves as a Playroom for Kids

Another great use of a sunroom is to be a playroom area for your kids. Away from the main traffic areas of the house, a sunroom provides the perfect place for them to spread out with their toys and keep their messes cordoned off to a specific area of the house. Plus, the extra sunlight can help boost mood and concentration in children. 

Ready to get started designing a sunroom in your own space? Angi Consumer has created five moodboards to suit every personality and design style. Whether you’re looking to create a plant-filled oasis or a colorful space to relax with your family, there’s a sunroom idea just for you.