3 ‘Must Haves’ A Mom Needs to Curb Chaos


Before kids, I apparently took my life for granted. And working as an executive for a multi-million dollar business, traveling, juggling schedules and deadlines, prepared me little for what was to come. All without the help of these mom must haves.

Who knew my negotiation skills with whiny sales guys would have prepared me to deal with a toddler in Target or a teenage crisis?

Nowadays, it’s become a chicken nugget eating, carpool driving, homework helping, teenage counseling kind of life – and my parenting style has evolved into: But, Did You Die!? I can barely remember all my kid’s names, mainly because I’m making room for passwords for iGadets and how to solve a geometry problem I learned 100 years ago. And, remembering to buy cleats for tonight’s soccer game while signing papers for an Orchestra trip to Disney is another story. Also, don’t forget Teacher Appreciation Week – you’re decorating the door on Friday – and you can only use the school resources from the room on the left with a code that I forgot to bring home, but you can call Janie’s mom, who said she’ll be home after 5 pm on Tuesday. What the What? How can people work under these conditions and stay sane? That’s why unions were formed. Regulations were created. They saw this messy family life and thought: Dear God, we don’t want this to spill over into the workforce.


No wonder I can’t remember what that thing is – with the four wheels filled with Cheerios and sports equipment that’s sitting in my driveway.

But there’s hope, and businesses are finding solutions for the very problems moms are facing. Companies specializing in helping moms curb the chaos. It’s called: M.E.W.

1. Meal Prep Delivery Service  

2. Educational Apps to make you the smartest mom on the block

3. Wardrobe Styling at your Doorstep   

These companies are filling in the gap, with the ‘must haves’ you’ve always needed. There are styling companies like the Red Dress Boutique, who send you a box filled with a complete outfit, including accessories, created by a couple of University of GA students from Athens, GA. There’s also Stitch Fix, “Your Partner in Personal Style and Wantable, We Take the Legwork out of Shopping.” Fill out a questionnaire for stylists to better understand your look or just choose your outfit without leaving the house. 

Need a quick healthy meal, but can’t bear to make another grocery store run? There are several prep delivery services: Tom Brady’s Purple Carrot, a vegetarian based program, Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and for locals in AZ, there’s Fran’s Kitchen.

mom must havesNeed a quick answer for a difficult math question? Download Photo math, a free math camera app that not only gives you the answer to a math problem but, explains the process as well.  Just take a picture of the math problem, via the app and wa la. Mom’s a genius.

Wearing a superwoman cape can be exhausting, but with services provided for the millennium mom, it’s like having your own personal assistant. Reach out. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help. You’re only one person, given a “to do” list that could rival Santa Claus. 

Please note, this is NOT a sponsored post, just a mom sharing some of her favorite finds!

 Do you ever feel chaotic and overwhelmed? What apps and services do you utilize, to create a more efficient lifestyle? Let us hear your ideas.