Save Big on Energy Bills!


Summer is here and we all know that means larger energy bills. I am always looking for ways to save big on energy bills and to teach my daughter to be more environmentally conscious.

Energy bills are so expensive and most families spend over $2,000.00 every year. Here are some easy ways for you to save money at home!

Save on Electricity

  • Run your dishwasher off-peak hours to save 50% on energy bills. Peak hours are usually between 3pm-6pm here in Arizona but check with your electric company for your exact hours. I like to run mine at night because then you get to wake up in the morning to a clean sink and clean dishes. Even for the 5 minutes that it lasts for.
  • Find the red and blue lights, make it a game with your kiddos! Go around the house and find every device with a blue or red light. Even if that device is turned off it is still using energy. Unplug them or better yet invest in a power strip so it is easy to turn on and off as needed. Making this simple change could save you about $200 a year.
  • If you haven’t already, switch your light bulbs over to the LEDs. They last ten times longer and save up to 70%. That means for the average household that’s about $230 a year. You can get them inexpensively on Amazon or even from your electric company.

Save on Water and Gas

  • The biggest way to save is having energy efficient machines, and your biggest money saving appliance is your washing machine. Energy star appliances may be eligible for a rebate through your energy provider to save a ton!
  • If you aren’t due for an upgrade, a very simple way to reduce water usage is to replace your showerhead with a low flow option and reduce the time of your showers. As moms, I think we all have that one covered!
  • When brushing your teeth with kids make it a game and see how fast they can turn off the water in-between rinsing. These little things add up over time, trust me!

Save on Heating and Cooling

  • Make sure you have good airflow in your house, furniture isn’t blocking your vents, and you periodically clean the vents in your house. Making sure your air filters are cleaned out ensures your heating and cooling is at your max potential.
  • Use ceiling fans to your advantage. We all know fans help with cooling but by reversing the direction of the blades when its winter time the hot air that has risen to the ceiling will be pushed down to keep the room nice and toasty.
  • Get a programmable thermostat that you can program to use less energy while you are away from the house or sleeping.
  • Use your blinds and curtains to help heat and cool your house. Keep them closed during the day in order to keep the heat out during the summer or keep them open to help with warmth especially if you have a home that gets a lot of sunlight.

I hope these tips help you with saving money during the expensive summer season here in Arizona.