4 Festive Printables to Help You Deck the Halls This Season


Now that the holidays are in full swing, it’s time to deck the halls and make your home feel merry and bright. If you live in a small home or apartment that doesn’t provide a lot of space, decorating and hosting for the holidays can be a challenge. To help, check out these festive printables and hosting tips to elevate a small space so that you can have a festive home without losing valued storage and socializing space needed for the holiday season.

Play a Small-Space Friendly Game

festive printables

If you are hosting, there’s nothing better than coming together after a delicious meal to have some friendly competition with your loved ones. Try this free family-friendly feud game that the whole family will enjoy! 

How To Play:

Each game begins with a face-off round. The host chooses a question card and invites a player from each team up to try and answer the highest-ranked response to the survey question. If the player who buzzed first gets the highest-ranked response on the list, their team can choose to play or pass the question.

If the player who buzzed in first doesn’t get the highest-ranked answer, the competitor gets a chance to answer and steal control. The player with the highest-ranked answer chooses to play the question or pass.

Players on the controlling team take turns guessing an answer. Each player has five seconds to answer and there is no help from their team members. If the team can guess all of the answers on the board, they win the round and all 100 points.

If they fail to answer or give an incorrect answer, they get a strike. Three strikes and the team loses control of the board and the play passes to the opposing team. The opposing team can confer and has one chance to come up with one of the remaining responses. If they guess correctly, they win all the points revealed so far. If they fail, the other team gets the points.

The team with the most points wins the game!

Make a Christmas Collage

festive printables

Another easy and fun decoration idea is to frame festive signs around your home. You can use these printable festive signs and hang them on your wall or have them displayed on a side table. If you have a big blank wall, use thing signs as well as other festive wall decor to make it a holiday collage wall.

Hang Floating Snowflakes

festive printables

If you have a slim hallway or lack of floor space, try hanging these snowflake printables from your ceiling. Cut them out and use fishing line and tape to cause an illusion of them floating around your home. You can leave them be for a clean and simple look, or have the kids color them as a fun craft before hanging them up. This could become a unique and fun new Christmas tradition for the family!

Spruce Up Your Beverage Cart

festive printables

The beverage cart (whether you choose coffee, hot chocolate, or cocktails), shouldn’t be forgotten. One of the best things you can do is deck out your beverage cart to make your drink-making station super festive and absolutely adorable. Break out the holiday liqueurs, spirits and/or coffee bar add-ins and use these printable beverage tags to help make it extra jovial!

Now that you are set on decor, don’t forget to check out this holiday gift guide to find the perfect gift for your kids and all your mom friends.