The Top 5 Posts of 2021 for Scottsdale Moms


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Our team of contributors is incredible! Each month, they volunteer their time and talent to share what they hope will make the journey of motherhood a little bit easier. Here are this year’s top posts.

It is always interesting (and very telling) to see what we were craving this year. This year can be summed up in one word: Connection.

Congratulations to our top post authors! Thank you for giving your time and talent to our community!

  1. Top Parks {Scottsdale and surrounding areas} by Sara Powers, Sara Frederick, and Lindsay Alvey.
  2. 2021 Staycation Deals by Angela Barako
  3. 5 Indoor Playplaces in Scottsdale by Ashley Jones
  4. 2021 Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts: Something for Everyone by Angela Barako
  5. DIY Barbie Bed Dollhouse Expansion by Kelli Northey

And a very special thank you to Jinny De Luca, our editor, for always making our articles look fantastic!

See you next year!