What Self-Care Means to Me


They pop up in my email box each week; “indulge in the latest treat from __________”; articles on my Facebook page, “you deserve it, take a break from your life”; and Instagram posts with blocks of words “self-care is____________

Self-care is everywhere these days, and I’m glad for that. I spent too many years of my life running myself ragged trying to do everything, and be everything. But is self-care really about eating more cupcakes, drinking more champagne, and taking bubble baths? I recently realized there can be more to self-care after reading a well written article on Thought Catalog. I love the way the author describes self-care like parenting oneself. I am constantly asking my 5 year to do things she doesn’t want to do, because it will make her a better person. I love her, and want her to be the best version of herself.

Shouldn’t I love myself enough to want to be my best self?

So in honor of Valentines day this month, I’m showing myself the kind of love that I show my loved ones. I’m making myself a priority, and creating habits that are in line with the life I want to be living. Here’s how that looks in my house:

  • I have a morning routine. My daughter is not allowed to come out of her room until 6:45am. If she wakes up she can play quietly. I wake up between 5:30am-6am. I’m still developing a routine that works for me. Right now I make coffee, spend 15 minutes reading for fun, stretch, and check the news.
  • I work out, in a way that feels good to me, each day. Some days I go to the local barre3 studio, some days I walk in the park, and sometimes I just make sure to stand up between each episode of the Netflix show I’m currently binge watching. The important thing is that everyday I am finding ways to move, because I know that I feel happier when I do.
  • There are always vegetables on my plate. Not only does this one help me stay healthy, it sets a good example for my daughter. Sometimes I’m tired of cooking, so we eat carrot sticks or a pile of spinach with dressing, but I make sure to include veggies when I prepare each meal.
  • I go to sleep by 10 pm. If I get enough sleep, I am in a much better mood when I start the next day. This is the ultimate self-care for me. Whatever is not done by 10 pm can wait until the next day.

These are the ways that I am working on creating a life that I don’t need to escape from; one that I enjoy. Each one of these habits helps me live my life to the fullest.