How Dry Shampoo Saves My Life


Do you gals want to talk about dry shampoo for a minute? Because dry shampoo saves my life for days on end.

I know that as busy moms who have so many hats to wear and plates to juggle, talking about dry shampoo seems a little bit frivolous, but it’s because of those hats and plates that we should have this convo. Anything that is going to make #momlife a little easier is what I am all about. We all know #momminainteasy 

Back in the day, before I had kids, I use to take luxurious showers and wash my hair every day or every other day. I also wrote “ped” in my planner, and it meant pedicure. Now it means pediatrician. Oh, how precious I once was. If I ever had to go with three-day hair back then, I felt like every single person was talking about me and my hot mess, unwashed hair. But nowadays, 3 days of unwashed hair is practically the same thing as same day washed hair thanks to dry shampoo and it’s perfectly normal for me to go 5 days between actually washing my hair under water. 

I have friends who have asked me about my mysterious and controversial ways, so I thought I would share with Scottsdale Moms. Here’s a list of tips & tricks to work your way up to Expert Level Dry Shampooer. Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed cosmetologist, just a beauty product junkie with 17 years in the salon & spa business.  

Start Your Week Off Right – It’s imperative that you start off with a good blow dry. A good blow dry is the foundation of maintaining your hair for the days to come. It’s like a good bra and Spanx underneath a dress.  

Less Is More – Use product sparingly. In that foundational blow dry, use a heat protectant on the ends of your hair and a light weight volumizing spray at the roots. Be conservative with the amount of product you use and don’t over style your hair.  

Let Your Hair Down – On Day 1, don’t throw your hair up in your default #messybun unless you are willing to commit to that messy bun until you wash & dry again.  

Give It Time – If your hair is used to frequent, daily or every other day washings, you cannot just will your hair to last five or six straight days and look fresh and perky. You have to train your hair and it takes patience & commitment. But it will be worth it in the end.  

Taming the Beast – Typically, the more you wash your hair, the more oil the scalp will produce. The first few weeks or so might be difficult and uncomfortable as you extend the length of time between washings. But over time, your hair gets used to being washed less and the scalp produces less oil.  

Dry Shampoo FTW – In between washings, a spritz of dry shampoo will help to revitalize your hair and give it that fresh bounce we love. Finding the right dry shampoo for you might take some experimenting. I personally love Batiste, found in a lot of your favorite big beauty retailers. It sprays “dry” as opposed to some brands that I have tried that spray “wet.” Another favorite of mine (and has become a cult classic) is Big Sexy. I consider it to be more of a splurge for my budget, whereas Batiste fits in quite comfortably.  

What the Experts Say – I chatted up some of my favorite Scottsdale Moms who also happen to be incredible hairstylists and this is what they had to say.  

Courtney H Poirier of Carolyn’s Salon and mom to a darling little toddler gal said,

“Dry shampoo is LIFE! It can help with a pony tail on the days you look like a mess and, POOF! Dry shampoo and cute jeans save the day! I will not do an updo without it.”

Veronica Penzone, mom, hairstylist & owner of BBV Salon and frequent guest on local stations’ morning shows shared her three favorite reasons to use dry shapoo: Save time, money and hair integrity.  

“For second and third day hair use it at your scalp to get volume back in your hair without having to start from scratch. Not having to rewash hair is a time saver.  
Some dry shampoos come in different colors. So by using these you can stretch it out a few extra weeks before doing your color service again. This saves money.  
Hair integrity stays intact because you’re not washing every day. Women who wash & style their hair everyday can do some serious damage drying it out. This saves hair integrity.”

Last but not least, Forest Urken, new mom & hairstylist at Desert Forest Hair Design says,

“I personally love the Redken Pillow Proof Two Day Extender. It’s an aerosol spray that comes in clear and brunette for darker haired gals. Sometimes the spray can look a little dusty in darker hair, especially if you use more than one day, which most of us do. I like to spray it near my roots,” she suggests, “and then hit the hair with the blow dryer to really work the product into the hair. If you want EXTRA volume on the second day I also really like Redken Powder Grip 03. Which is a mattifying hair powder, you sprinkle it LIGHTLY onto your roots or an area that you’ve backcombed and it kind of roughs up the hair a little more and plumps it up. But be careful,” she warns, “it’s easy to use too much!” 

Do you have any tips to share about dry shampoo, or a favorite brand you recommend? I’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment.  


  1. It’s amazing how one little product can make such a big difference. I think all busy women can probably almost unanimously agree that dry shampoo is a total holy grail product. Giving extra time in between washes without sacrificing appearance is a huge win-win.

  2. It’s great to learn that you can save time washing by using dry shampoo. My wife is wanting to make her morning routine quicker and she was wondering how she could save time washing her hair. I’ll be sure to tell her that she should start using dry shampoo.

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