Celebrate National Reading Month: Best Books for Little Kids


March is National Reading Month! If you’re starting to drift to sleep after reading the same books over and over, it may be time to update your child’s library.

Today we’re highlighting a few of our favorites from the Best Books for Little Kids Shopping Guide. If it’s been a few years since you’ve bought a book for a little kid, you’ll be amazed by some of the awesome new options being published. Books are more vibrant and engaging than ever!

Top Books for Little Kids

The following are five of our favorite books for little kids.

  1. Librarian’s Choice – Books for little kids is by far the hardest category to narrow down! Little Blue Truck is a very charming picture book that has a nice rhyming scheme, plenty of animal sounds to make with your kids, and best of all, a great takeaway message. The story is simple and sweet with wonderful illustrations. For more excellent children’s book suggestions, stop by your local library!
  2. Fan AND Writer Favorite – We polled our readers and our writers and both agreed, Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes is the best! With a simple, sing-songy beat, there’s so much to love about this adorable character and his fun shoes. It also shares a great lesson for people of all ages – life is amazing when you have the right attitude, even when things get messy.
  3. Preschool Teacher’s Top Pick – Chances are, if you have a little kid who’s new to preschool, they may have heard The Kissing Hand book during one of their first days away from home. Whether your child is nervous about going to school or they’re having trouble when you leave for date night, this calming story can help settle their nerves. 
  4. Best Themed Gift Idea – What little kid doesn’t love making animal noises? In this “press the sound” book, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?kids will be able to hear the noises the animals make, while enjoying the rhythmic writing of Bill Martin Jr. and the beautiful illustrations of Eric Carle. Depending on your budget, this could be paired with tickets or a membership to the Zoo, a snuggly stuffed animal, or animal figurines.
  5. Best Book Under $10 Press Here is a surprising and interactive book for toddlers and children alike. The pages are sturdy and so far our copy has held up incredibly well. It’s a book with simple instructions, but it’s magical to watch a child light up time and time again while enjoying this fascinating book. (Amazon prices may vary by the minute.)

If you’re looking for more book ideas, check out our other Book Shopping Guides. We even have the lists broken down by ages.

Are we missing one of your favorites? Leave a comment so we can keep our list updated with the best options!

Check It Out!

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