Podcasts for Moms

Anyone else a podcast junkie? Sometimes I think I may have a problem, like my addiction to mugs or t-shirts with witty sayings on them.  
I discovered podcasts a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since! My super smart hubby introduced me to the wealth of knowledge and relatable conversations that were happening all across the Internet helping people build better businesses, families, and lives. I was instantly hooked and consume my favorites any time I have the chance.
I wanted to share my picks here for you to listen to while walking, running, working out in the gym, driving, or showering! One of my favorite things to do to unwind is take a walk or hike with the newest episode of any of these queued up on my list. Whether you’re biking the Greenbelt, hiking out of the Gateway Trailhead, or waiting in line to pick up the kiddos from school, these podcasts are sure to get your wheels turning and life inspired each week. After all, we have officially hit the time of year when the weather is perfect and we need to be outside any chance we can get… there’s no better time to get out there and work your body AND your mind!
Podcasts for moms
This one is scheduled to launch in January 2017 and one that I am SO EXCITED TO HEAR! I have listened to the founder of the Purposeful Housewife, Allie Cassazza, as a guest on several different podcasts and have followed her live streams on social media, and she is a champion at sharing tips for taking the overwhelm out of motherhood via practical minimalism. I have personally been an advocate of minimalism (judgment-free minimalism, that is!) since 2012 when we did our first major purge, and while a lot has accumulated since then, we are in the process of our second big purge in our house and I am so excited to have a mom’s perspective on a minimalist lifestyle when you have a family and a career to manage on the daily. 
These women are serious about their business and even more serious about building said businesses around their families. This podcast is chock full of savvy marketing tips, best practices in today’s business ecosystem, how to keep your head screwed on straight when you’re trying to manage a business and a household, and interviews with other moms in business. If you’re a mompreneur, tuning in to their episodes will help you realize that while the journey of being a business-owning mom can be a challenging one, you are never alone as you make your way ahead! You’ll also want to be friends with them in real life. Just saying.
One of my all-time, long-time favorites and the first podcast I ever subscribed to, Shawn Stevenson and his co-host Jade Herrell are engaging, positive, and fascinating. Whether an interview with an expert in the health and fitness world or an episode where they share their own experiences and drop some serious knowledge bombs, if you tune in consistently each week I promise the way you view your self-care will transform and you will be motivated and equipped to make the long-term changes in your life you’ve been meaning to make a priority. 
This is another podcast I don’t miss since discovering it a few months ago! With a crossfitter in the family, when we tried paleo we came across Sarah Fragoso as a great resource on cooking paleo with your whole family in mind. These days she has toned down the strictness of her lifestyle and owns a gym with her husband. This year, she teamed up with Dr. Brooke for great conversations and interviews with experts on women’s health. They take listener questions, discuss the challenges of balance in our busy lives, and tackle topics with honesty and a scientific yet engaging approach. Listening to these two makes me feel validated and encouraged, and I am sure they will do the same for you!

Motherhood can feel lonely and overwhelming at times, no matter what else your life looks like. What I’ve learned from listening to my favorite voices in the podcasting world is that there is something that will resonate with everyone (if none of the above resonate with you, just keep looking – you will find some!). You’ll find new perspectives and life hacks that make your days a little bit easier.
If you haven’t tuned in to a podcast yet, give it a go! If you have been a podcast junkie for a while, what are your not-to-be-missed subscriptions? 
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Andrea Alley
Andrea Alley has lived in Scottsdale since she was a toddler, so she is about as close to a native as you can get... without actually being one. Both times she moved to different Arizona towns were short-lived since she couldn't wait to get back to the excitement and the beautiful desert in this city. She now lives within a two-mile radius from the home where she grew up in Arcadia and loves that she gets to raise her two daughters in the same neighborhoods where she climbed trees, hiked mountains, and made lifelong friends. Andrea is a Certified Health Coach and blogger at www.andreaalley.com where she serves mamas who have realized it's time to make their health a priority not only for their future, but for their families, too. In addition, she has helped hundreds of small business owners find success using automation in her full time job as a Small Business Success Coach for Infusionsoft. Andrea loves being with her rad other half, Cody, and their two girls, usually hiking, checking out awesome restaurants, or crossfitting it up. She geeks out over all things health-related, local politics, racerback tanks with witty quotes on them, and helping other mamas become their best selves through self-care.