Andrea Alley

Andrea Alley
Andrea Alley has lived in Scottsdale since she was a toddler, so she is about as close to a native as you can get... without actually being one. Both times she moved to different Arizona towns were short-lived since she couldn't wait to get back to the excitement and the beautiful desert in this city. She now lives within a two-mile radius from the home where she grew up in Arcadia and loves that she gets to raise her two daughters in the same neighborhoods where she climbed trees, hiked mountains, and made lifelong friends. Andrea is a Certified Health Coach and blogger at where she serves mamas who have realized it's time to make their health a priority not only for their future, but for their families, too. In addition, she has helped hundreds of small business owners find success using automation in her full time job as a Small Business Success Coach for Infusionsoft. Andrea loves being with her rad other half, Cody, and their two girls, usually hiking, checking out awesome restaurants, or crossfitting it up. She geeks out over all things health-related, local politics, racerback tanks with witty quotes on them, and helping other mamas become their best selves through self-care.

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