It’s January, Moms: You Need a “Daycation”


The holidays are over and frankly, we’re all just a little exhausted.

While December is a month that can be full of some wonderful time with family and friends, it can also be draining for everyone – particularly if you are a mom. Perhaps your home is one of those magical ones where all members of the household contributed equally to all the holiday festivities and fun. (Can you send a SnapChat of your unicorn, please?)

But more likely, here’s how it all went down:

You did the majority of the decorating, shopping, wrapping of gifts, writing of cards, cooking, cleaning, hosting of relatives, and attempting to keep kids from being bored over the lengthy weeks of winter break. Sprinkle in the school concerts, dance recitals, neighborhood cookie exchanges, and office parties.

Mama desperately needs a long winter’s nap.

So, I’m proposing a “Daycation” – although shorter, it’s more relaxing than the “Staycation” – which still involves packing suitcases and the presence of children! It’s a quick but effective deep dive into peace and reflection.

Here’s what you do:

• Find a trusted relative, friend or paid caregiver to commit to a day of taking care of your kids. Swapping kid duty with a fellow, frazzled Mom is a lovely and low-cost strategy.

• Search for a deal on Groupon or Social Living for a Spa Day package at a local resort. Yes, the resort will be pricier than a day spa, but worth the extra money for the whole day experience, and the various facilities available to you. Plus, we live in an area overflowing with beautiful resorts – take advantage of having so many, so close!

• Schedule whatever relaxing treatment you prefer, and inquire about all the amenities offered. After a massage, take an aerial yoga class, meditate in the relaxation area, sit in the steam room and sweat away your stress, or simply lie by the spa pool, enjoy the warmth of the sun, and sip on a smoothie.

The key is to set aside this extended amount of time to quiet yourself, breathe deeply, reflect, and recharge. Put away your phone in a locker and ignore it – ALL DAY.

This past year was one of a lot of upheaval and unrest in our world. Whether you make New Year’s resolutions or not, setting an intention for more peace in your life should be a priority, no matter how you intend to accomplish that, and on what level. Taking an entire day for yourself, to contemplate your personal quest for peace, is time and money well spent.

You’ll return home with more patience and joy – for your children, your partner, and yourself.

Book your daycation and peace be with you this year.


  1. This is a truly fantastic idea. The staycation is great but like you said, it still involves a good deal of planning, packing, and kids 😉 The “daycation” however (a term I will now have to incorporate) is the perfect way to have a mini escape and get some seriously needed R & R. The holidays are amazing but they are absolutely exhausting.

    • Thanks, Judy! Glad you agree and hope you can take a Daycation soon. It’s pretty amazing how just 8 hours of peace and reflection can positively change your outlook.

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