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Today we’re back with another Mommy SOS topic.  If you missed our other Mommy SOS posts be sure to check them out…Post 1. Strollers.  Post 2. Potty TrainingPost 3. OB/GYN/MidwifePost 4. Pediatrician and Post 5. Traveling with Children for the Holidays.

Now for our next topic…Children & Spouse Gift Idea’s!!!!

In case you didn’t know… Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!!!! Ahhhhhhh!  So shopping for those very special people in our lives is a must!  We’re going to talk a little more about this in an upcoming Steph vs Joy post this week, but I’ll just give you a little insight into my gift-giving spirit.  I LOVE giving gifts – and that might be an understatement.  I love that Christmas provides such a great opportunity to love on the people I love the most by giving them a gift.  It’s just so fun for me.  Now I know… that isn’t everyone.

To kick off this Mommy SOS here’s a few gift idea’s that I’ve come up with for Nora (17 months)…and no, we are not buying her all of these things 🙂

1) Kid’s Computer – Yes, Nora is too small for this. HOWEVER, she loves all of the lights and sounds these little computers make. And she does a pretty good mommy computer impression (it’s amazing the things kids catch even at 16 months)

2) Celeste BlaBla Doll –  Although I’m pretty sure this might be under a tree in Iowa somewhere (wink, wink).

3) Kids Puffy Vest – ‘nough said. So cute.

4) Kids Play Vacuum – I actually saw this play Dyson Vacuum in Real Simple magazine and knew Nora would love it!! Daddy is already hoping Nora will start vacuuming the house.

5) Melissa and Doug Toys – Have you seen these toys? They are awesome! Nora would pretty much love any of them.

And for the hubby – I’m not about to disclose what I’ve bought for him (believe it or not, he actually reads our blog).  BUT one thing that we did pick out together was a JCrew Khaki Sportcoat that looks great H-O-T-T – HOT if I do say so myself.

Now it’s your turn….

What are you getting your kiddo’s & hubbies for Christmas this year?

{Oh – and please note your children’s ages in your comments}


  1. Alexa is 31/2 and I am trying to decide which doll to get her. She has a couple cuddly ones but I want to move on to something that helps her play “mommy”. I am not sure if I want a noise maker or a Corelle doll OR what I really like is the American Girl Itsy Bitsy package because it has EVERYTHING but it bothers me the doll as NO hair… I want it to have baby fuzz. Also the price. Hmmmmmm

    • Maybe no hair is better at 3-4 years still? I just like that the American girl has 3 outfits, a few other things and a back back to carry the items and the doll in. What have any of your daughters loved?

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