Let’s Talk Mom Hacks {Tips to Keep Life Running Smoothly}

mom hacks

The moment I became a mom it began…the need to make things easier. I think we can agree that most of us like to simplify our lives, right? If it doesn’t need to be challenging, why should it be?! I have three humans I’m working to keep alive and fed and well balanced…so I’d prefer their outgrown clothes (that multiply like rabbits amiright?!) to stop taking up so much of my mindspace.

Because I’m constantly seeking to save my sanity among the chaos, I have a created a few mom hacks that have become part of our routine. These have helped during this stage of mothering three little ones, working part time, and homeschooling (among other life occurrences). Without further ado…

Bins for Outgrown Clothes

In each of my kids’ rooms I have bins for outgrown clothes. It seems like no matter how often I clean out the clothes, I’m always behind. I took clothes to Kid 2 Kid last weekend, but I already have another pile. What the heck? So, whenever I find something that doesn’t fit (or a piece that can be a hand me down from my oldest to middle son), I put it in a labeled box in their closet. That way it’s out of the way, but easy to take care of when I’m ready.

Set Out Clothes the Night Before

Let’s start off with one of the simpletst mom hacks. I know this seems obvious. But it’s so helpful! I set out clothes every night. It makes our morning routine so much easier.

Cleaning Schedule

I follow a cleaning schedule for my week. Whenever I stick to my schedule, I actually feel like it gives me so much more freedom. Typically I follow the schedule that @cleanmama (check her out on Instagram!) recommends. It’s so helpful to be able to have a guideline to follow so I don’t feel like I need to get everything done every day. I also follow @jryansolutions who gives lots of tips for clutter and systems (among many other things).

One Laundry Load a Day

I only do one person’s laundry at a time. Okay, let me admit something. I am not great at laundry, so this is a work in progress. In theory, each person has a day of the week. I wash, fold, and put away their laundry all in one day. So…(gasp) I don’t normally have a chance to do it all in one day. However, each person having their own laundry basket and not letting it pile up (most of the time) has been such a game changer for me!

Toy Rotation

I organized the toys so that we have some in the garage and some in the playroom. I don’t want to think about a monthly rotation system, so I just allow the kids (when I approve) to switch toys out (1 toy for 1 toy, depending on the size). That way we only have an allotted amount of toys in the house and the ones in the garage feel new when they’re swapped out!

Nighttime Book Basket

Here’s another favorite of the mom hacks. Maybe its just us, but I feel like the book situation gets out of hand quickly. We read books before bed and then they would just throw them down on the floor. They’re tired and don’t want to walk the 10 steps to their bookshelf. That’s why I put a book basket right next to their bed. They can put their recently read books in the basket. When it’s full (and daytime), they need to put the books back on the shelf. It’s worked like a charm!

Running the Dishwasher EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

Okay, maybe not the most eco friendly, but I hear the dishwasher uses less water than hand washing, right? We buy most everything that can be run in the dishwasher. We load it up and run it while we are sleeping and unload every morning. That way we can load the dishwasher as we use things. There are certain things I hand wash, but most of our dishes are dishwasher safe. Our dishes hardly ever pile up like they used to and it’s easy for everyone to help put away their dishes.

No Chores on Saturday

We finish all our chores on Friday. We do NOTHING on Saturday. Dinnertime on Friday evening is our finish line. It is so motivating. We are all motivated because my husband and I want a clean house so we can relax on Saturday. The kids are motivated because they want our full attention on Saturday (and also doughnuts). It’s a win win! (NOTE: Our weekend is Friday and Saturday, so keep this in mind and adjust for a schedule that works for you!)

I would love to hear your mom hacks. Or life hacks. Or just any type of hack. They’re so fun and convenient. Will you help me make a running list by adding yours in the comments?!

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