Insurance 101


Hey mamas, who can agree that insurance is certainly one of those things that can seem intimidating and time consuming? I know I have been there. Our insurance renewal was right around the corner but we knew our current carrier was getting too expensive. We had been with the same insurance provider for years out of laziness to shop around. Since becoming familiar with the insurance world and having been working in the industry for a year now at a local Arizona agency with American Family Insurance, I felt the need to help you from being in that position. Here are a few basics of insurance 101 you should know to help save your family time and money.

  1. Shop around: Don’t wait for your renewal to begin getting quotes and shopping around for the best coverages for a great price. 
  2. Bundle: Bundling insurance is when you buy multiple types of insurance policies — like your car, home,etc.. This certainly increase your savings.*
  3. Autopay: Opt to enroll in autopay, and go paperless if available to help save money. Signing up to pay 6 months at a time versus monthly for your autos can help save in the long run.
  4. Agent: Sit down with your agent to go over your needs and customize your insurance coverages and policy. This will allow you to save and have the right coverages for your needs. 
  5. Life Insurance: Consider life insurance. This can certainly add a discount to your policy. You’re never too young to get a policy and start insuring your family in case of the unexpected. 

If you would like a quote, I am happy to help connect you with an local agent! If you have any questions feel free to comment below or connect with us on Instagram at @shisler_associates_insurance for more insurance 101 tips!