Why Grocery Delivery Works for Me


As a former retail manager, I know the benefits of delegation. It took me a long time to understand that even though I wanted to do every task, it takes an entire team to make a store run smoothly. One of my jobs was to teach new leaders how to effectively use the time they had each day by doing the tasks only they could do, and outsourcing less delicate items to other staff members.

As a mom I feel pressured to do everything myself. In my mind I should be playing with my daughter, keeping the house clean, preparing and serving healthy meals, and in general make sure that life is running smoothly for everyone in my household.

The first time I heard about a grocery delivery app, I was shocked! At the time I was finishing up my last semester of classes, and having trouble keeping up with everything. We were eating more fast food then I wanted, because grocery shopping came second to spending time with my daughter, homework, and sleep. I signed up for Instacart and didn’t look back.

grocery deliveryThere is a cost to saving time. Depending on the store I chose, I may be paying slightly higher prices then if I shopped myself in person. There were delivery fees, and I wanted to tip the drivers for doing a job well done. As my life calmed down, I could not rationalize the increased costs of outsourcing grocery shopping this way. I still occasionally use this app if I need something after my daughter goes to bed, or I schedule a delivery when we come back from a vacation to make things easier.

Recently I learned that some Fry’s stores allow you to place an order online, and have curbside pickup. You can try their Click List service the first few times for free. After that, there is a minimal service fee each time. As I run out of things during the week I can add it to my online shopping list, and when I’m ready to order it only takes me a few moments. There is a Click List Fry’s store near my daughter’s school. I pick her up, then our groceries, and then head home to make dinner. This type of grocery shopping works for us right now. 

What are your favorite grocery delivery or pick up choices?