Three Fun Halloween Craft Ideas

halloween craft

Here are some super easy Halloween craft ideas.

Paper Pumpkins: Easy and Fun to do with Little Ones

I love this halloween craft because it is so simple and I could create these fun little gourds with my two-year-old!

What you’ll need:

1. Heavy paper – scrap book paper and card stock both work well.

2. Hole punch – either circle or something funky, whatever is on hand.

3. Scissors – again, normal or funky! I like the scalloped edge version.

4. Pipe cleaners.

5. Ruler and pencil.


1. Using your ruler, divide the paper into even sections. 1 to 2 inch sections work well. Use larger sections for larger pumpkins and smaller sections for the tiny pumpkins.

2. Using your hole punch, punch a hole in each end of the sections.

3. Cut each section apart – no need to be perfect, “close enough” works fine!

4. Create a twisted loop at the end of one pipe cleaner. Then thread the pipe cleaner through one side of each strip of paper. This is great for small hands to do.

5.  After all strips are threaded, then thread the other end of the paper on to the other end of the pipe cleaner. The result will be a bent piece of paper connected to the pipe cleaner on both ends.

6. Make another twisted loop in the pipe cleaner on top of the strips of paper to trap them in place. Make the second twisted loop in the pipe low to create short, fat pumpkins or high to create tall, skinny pumpkins.

7. Take a second pipe cleaner or the left over piece from the center pipe cleaner and twist it around a pencil to make a spiral “pumpkin stem”.

8. Ta Da! Pumpkin!

Candy Bracelets: Quick and All Ages Can Help

halloween craft

Even though this halloween craft involves a needle,  kids can help by picking out the pieces of candy and colors of ribbon.

What you’ll need:

1. Favorite candy. I used Mellowcream Pumpkin Candy (they taste like big candy corn). You could use Candy Corn, Hot Tamales or any kind of soft candy that has some structure to it. Aim for the fresher, softer stuff so it’s easier to thread.

2. Large needle – I found “Repair Kit” needles at JoAnn Fabrics and I used the needle that is about 3 inches long with a slightly larger eye to thread the string through. As long as it’s sturdy, anything will work.

3. Stretch Magic String .5mm size.

4. Ribbon is optional, but it makes the finished product very cute! I found lots of Halloween themed ribbon in the dollar section of Target. Score!


1. Thread a long piece of string through the needle. Bring the two ends of the string together (i.e., double the string over) and tie a triple knot.

2. Thread the first piece of candy on to the string. I started at the stem side of the pumpkin candy and used a piece of cardboard on the table to brace the needle to get it through the candy (this is why I recommend the fresh stuff!). I also had my 2 year old pick out which pieces of candy to use and hand them to me – she loved the control!

3. Continue threading on pieces of candy until you reach the desired length. Then pull the knotted section away from the first piece of candy, thread the needle through the opening and tie another triple knot. Be sure that the candy is snug together on the string so there are no large gaps. A little room is ok, that’s where the ribbon comes in handy.

4. Cut small strips of ribbon and tie them in between every piece of candy or every other piece of candy. Fold the ends of the ribbon in half long ways and cut at an angle to create a “v” which makes the edges pretty.

5. Enjoy! Hand them out to friends, teachers or in gift bags for a Halloween party!


Spider Hair Clips: This One is for the Moms, But the Kiddos Will Enjoy the Finished Product!

Creating these hair clips is a little tricky at first. After you get the hang of the glue and the ribbon, you won’t be able to stop creating new versions.

What you’ll need:

1. Metal Prong Clips – Sally’s Beauty Supply carries a lot of varieties for great prices. I used a 2 inch version.

2. 1 inch black pom poms – Craft stores like Michael’s and JoAnn’s carry a wide selection.

3. Googlie Eyes.

4. Pipe cleaners.

5. Ribbon – use  the same width of the hair clip.

6. Glue gun.


1. With the hair clip open, place a small amount of glue along the inside of the bottom piece – start at the very back (where the hinge is) and move to the front. Place ribbon on the clip in the same direction. Allow a few seconds for the glue to dry. Do not cut the ribbon – use one continuous piece to wrap the entire clip.

2. Closing the clip, run glue along the outside of the bottom of the clip (opposite side of the section just completed) and run the ribbon along the glue. Then push the ribbon into the hinged section without glue. This will allow the clip to be opened and closed but so you don’t see the hinge.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the top part of the clip. The end result will be a clip totally covered in secure ribbon.

4. Take a pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Bend both pieces of pipe cleaner  over the top of the clip and secure with a little more glue to create the spider’s legs.

5. Glue a pom pom on top of the legs.

6. Add eyes – I used tweezers to pick up the eyes and dip them in a little hot glue and then put them on the pom pom to save my fingers! Be sure and note how you are going to use the clip so that you put the eyes on the right side of the spider.

7. Bend the legs into funky angles and then trim.

8. Get out the hair brush! These hair clips are cute to attach to pony tails or to pin back bangs. They are also fun on backpacks, shoes or anything else that needs a little Halloween fun!

What are your favorite Halloween and Fall decorations and crafts?


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  2. I just made this and it is fun and cute but I suggest the following changes. Pre cut the strips before little fingers get to them. Adult help will be needed as its difficult to keep all the pumpkin ridges properly aligned. To keep them in place I also stapled the bottom of where they meet. I attached a shorter different color at the inside top and poked it through the same hole so I had two stems. My strips were 11 inches long about 1 inch wide and for one pumpkin I used 8 strips. This made a see through form. The strips could be written on beforehand with things you are grateful for, scripture verses related to Thanksgiving or some quote from a book. Next time I would add more strips to make the pumpkin a bit more solid. I used card stock paper and it’s a great, easy and nice craft. Thank you for sharing.

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