How To Limit Halloween Candy: Get TRICKY with those TREATS!


Alright Moms, we all know it’s coming.  Candy, candy and more candy! With Halloween parties, decorative bowls of candy corn, and of course Trick-or-Treating, the sugar rush is upon us.Candy Jar 3

I doubt I’m alone when I say “I choose my battles” when it comes to my happy home of determined toddlers. So this year, I thought I would take a different approach to limit Halloween candy while avoiding the sugar argument as much as possible.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to get Tricky with those Treats this year!

Step 1: Buy a large mason jar for each child (size of your choosing) for the amount of candy your little one gets to “keep” throughout all Halloween events. *already a step in the right direction* (Hmm…don’t I sound like a fun mom!)

I labeled each jar with their name and Treats for Good Deeds. The name says it all! They know what needs to be done to earn the candy rather than a fit every time they want it! *Fingers crossed!

Candy Jar 1

 Step 2: Buy a smaller mason jar, which I labeled the “Boo Boo Behavior” Jar. Bad behavior means a candy piece from the “Treats for Good Deeds” Jar is moving to a new home! Straight to the “Boo Boo Behavior” Jar. Yes, I bought a smaller jar with the high hopes my children will not fill this jar too quickly.

Candy Jar 4

Step 3: Decorate! I love my crafts so I had so much fun decorating these jars with the hopes to use them for years to come! This could also be the perfect craft project for kiddos of all ages!

Candy Jar 2

 Step 4: Time to fill those “Treats for Good Deeds” candy jars and enjoy the Halloween season!

Happy Trick or Treating!!

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Kelley Morrison
Kelley Morrison was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, snatched a business degree from Saint Mary’s College in Northern California, and has 8 years of Commercial Real Estate experience under her belt. So you’d never guess that her true passion always lied in dreaming of being a mother, organizing, owning her own business and somehow merging these all into one day. Her husband of 6 years and two toddlers are the absolute loves of her life. Having a boy and girl allows her to tap into both her tomboy and girly side: playing ball and dressing up as princesses…just in time for weekly date night with her handsome hubby. And if this wasn’t enriching enough, developing Organized by Kelley, her personalized blog and Etsy Shop, has now become her creative outlet for living life efficiently.


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