Keeping Busy Inside {20 activities for kids}


keeping busy insideHave you suddenly found yourself with kids home from school? Still need to get some work done during the day?

Solidarity, sisters.  Here are 20 ideas to get you started.

  • Have kids write and illustrate their own story. Or siblings can tag team, have one write and one draw the pictures, put everything together in a book for a special keepsake.
  • Teach your kids to cook, keep it simple and kid safe of course, but if all goes well they can be in charge of making their own lunches when school is back in session and save you some precious time each morning.
  • Are there special seasonal chores that the kids can do to earn extra money?
  • Encourage the kids to work together to write and preform a play. Let them create costumes, maybe some simple backdrops/props and then invite family over for the final performance.
  • Get some creative juices flowing, have kids create a sculpture using recycled materials.
  • Older kids can “tutor” younger kids, keep it simple like fun alphabet/numbers/color games. Younger ones will love the attention and the older kids will enjoy feeling responsible.
  • Children can create their own board game, come up with rules and use cardboard or other materials to make the actual game pieces. Then play over and over again!
  • Wake up your interior designer and have kids rearrange their bedrooms. They can even draw up a few plans on paper to discuss the best options before getting to work and organize/dump some junk in the process.
  • Have an old fashioned dance party! It’s as simple as turning on music and get moving.
  • Decorate some cookies or cupcakes, get different colors of frosting and lots of candy toppings and see what the kids come up with.
  • Plant a small indoor herb garden, they can be in pots or a small indoor planter box, place them on the windowsill to get some sun and use the herbs for cooking.
  • Get creative with a craft box. Fill it with all sorts of random things (paper, feathers, buttons, glue, markers, glitter….) and let the kids create whatever their imagination comes up with.
  • Who doesn’t love to just paint? Paper, brushes, some bright colors…..have the kids look through magazines or books if they need some inspiration.
  • Subscription Boxes are a great way to keep fun coming monthly – there are lots of options Kidstir, Green Kid Crafts, and Little Passports are just a few.
  • Try your hands at a new craft or hobby (jewelry making, knitting, etc.)
  • Write a family newsletter, write articles about adventures or interview dad. Create a layout and add some fun photos. Then send out to close family and friends.
  • Build a fort with pillows and blankets and go camping in the living room.
  • Have a movie day. Make some popcorn, get candy, maybe even project a screen on the wall to make it feel like a real theater.
  • Do some kid friendly yoga. Look up videos online and take some time to stretch, breathe and enjoy the movement.
  • Think of ways to give back, go through clothes and toys and pick some out to donate or make cards to send to troops overseas.

Share your ideas below! What activities do your kids love to do indoors? We are in this together.


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