Easy Valentine’s Day Treats!


Valentine's DayI am totally one of those moms that fills her Pinterest boards with lots of inspiration for every upcoming holiday, and then fails to make anything once that holiday rolls around.

The craftiness gene just isn’t in me, but as my little one starts to get older I want to try to make the holidays special, so I’m taking baby steps.

I decided to make one food treat and one craft for Valentine’s Day, and share them here. Now, as clearly stated above, I’m a newbie to the craft game so these are EASY ideas that anyone can manage 🙂


  1. Heart Shaped Food! Super easy. Get a heart shaped cookie cutter (I found mine at Target) and use it for pretty much any food you want. That’s it! A few ideas: strawberries, bananas, apples, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, etc! I picked strawberries, threw them over some toast, and sprinkled on powdered sugar for good measure.strawverries
  2. LOVE canvas with family handprints. I wanted a craft that used my daughter’s handprint, and I came across an idea using the whole family’s hands. Things you need: a canvas, paint (one color for each family member,) paint brush. I wrote in the Love 2016 in pencil first, and traced over it with paint. Then, each family member paints their hand, with the biggest hand going first. Let each handprint dry before doing the next one. And that’s it! Now, you have a fun keepsake to bring out year after year.love

Happy Valentine’s Day!