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All week long we’re talking about home organization! Today Heather is sharing her tried-and-true Pinterest finds. To catch up on the rest of the series, click here. Read on!

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Ah, Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. Oh, how I love thee. While at times you may make me feel lazy and inadequate as a mother and homemaker, for the most part, you’ve been a loyal mistress; providing me with ideas, eye candy and mindless escape.

Nowhere have you helped me more than with my organization woes. I love you for your simple and efficient ideas and tutorials. Today I salute you by sharing some of my favorite organization pins.

First, I should mention that when it comes to organization I’m really quite average. My main saving grace that keeps our house in relative order is that I am really, really effective at purging. That combined with the fact that I’m quite an indecisive shopper, so I don’t bring tons of extra clutter into our home.

Besides for the above-mentioned traits I don’t think I’ve had any original ideas for organizing our home. I’m pretty sure every brilliant idea has been stolen from somewhere else.

Lately, as I prepare for baby girl number three, I’ve received a bevy of time-saving tips and tricks from Pinterest that I’ve loved…


Sort your silverware while you load it in the dishwasher. This one simple tip may be my favorite tip I’ve picked up from Pinterest – eva. Unloading the dishwasher is one of my least favorite tasks and this little tactic somehow makes it more bearable.

30 Tips to help keep your laundry from driving you crazy. While I haven’t instituted all 30 of the Harvard Homemaker’s tips yet, I think she gives one of the most comprehensive guides on getting your laundry piles tamed. Especially, if you’ve got more than one child.

Weekly cleaning task list. Awesome weekly cleaning list that makes cleaning your home manageable and doable by tackling small tasks throughout the week. I love Jenny’s format because it makes keeping your home in order plausible by not overwhelming yourself with too many jobs on any given day.

How to clean up files for a faster mac. Sometimes our computers need some organizational help, too. If you’ve got a mac then this post is for you. A simple video tutorial on how to clean up your mac to get it moving again.

How to organize your t-shirt drawers by folding them vertically. Since I recently moved my two daughters into a shared bedroom in order to make room for baby number three, I really needed an efficient way of combining their clothes into one dresser. I love how many more shirts and other clothing items can fit together simply by folding them vertically.

The most mind-blowing closet organization post, eva! Complete with a closet organization printable. Enough said.

5 Best blogs for spring-cleaning inspiration. A post I wrote where I showcase my favorite organization blogs and some of their amazing work. If you want even more mind-blowing advice than what you’ve received here on SMB this week then head on over here to check out these organizing divas.

 Do you have any organization victories that you owe to Pinterest? Be sure to check out SMB’s Pinterest Board — especially the one devoted to organization!