BABY DIARIES | 10 Months- Crawling and Babyproofing


It’s official now. Easton is crawling. My little man is on the move, and (OH MY!) how my world is changing. He’s everywhere and into everything already. Honestly, I approached this crawling milestone with equal portions of dread and joyful anticipation.

Why I dreaded his mobility…

The dread, you see, comes from realizing that as our babies get more mobile and independent we just simply can’t protect them from every possibility of getting hurt. It’s just going to happen. But oh, there was something so nice about setting Easton down to play by himself and knowing exactly where I could find him in 2 minutes.


This week is Easton has realized not only that he can crawl, but that crawling can take him places. In one of his first exploratory crawling jaunts I found him on the other side of the couch wrangling part of an extension cord as if he’d found a giant snake! He seemed so proud…and I was then determined to take on the task of babyproofing. With the help of this thorough article from BabyCenter, we’ve stocked up on all types of locks and have decided to install everything this coming weekend.


But I’m an excited, proud mama…

On the other side of the coin, I couldn’t be more thrilled to see my little boy experiencing the world in a whole new way. Of course, his first day crawling garnered tons of clapping, encouraging, calls to the grandparents, and videos. It’s such a sweet joy to see your baby grow!


Yesterday I was working on dinner with Easton nearby when I felt a little tug at my pant leg. When I looked down to see Easton pulling at my leg to pick him up, I thought I’d lose it. My heart melted. I guess this is what being a mom is all about. We protect our kids to the extent we can, but we let them become independent and treasure the moments they tug at our hem.