15 Ways Moms Can Use Social Media (Part 2 of 3)


15 Ways Moms Can Use Social MediaYesterday, I talked with you all about using social networking and social media in your personal life and in personal relationships. I provided ideas on how to connect and build online—as well as offline—friendships.

Today, I will be discussing how social media can help foster greater enjoyment and excitement around the things we care about. The things that interest us or we enjoy on our own, often determines how we spend our time. Social networking and social media is a great way to focus on the groups, causes, organizations, or hobbies that interest you.

Here are 5 creative ways to use social media in your hobbies, interests, and the like.

1. Promote your interests.

You can effectively promote or advocate for a specific cause, issue, or organization via social networking and social media outlets. If you are passionate about breast cancer research, for instance, join Susan B. Komen’s online community and speak out about breast cancer within your own network. Or, if you’re like me and are passionate about donuts, well, there is no shame in the promotion of donuts, either.

One particularly easy way to promote causes you endorse is through social awareness applications like Causes. If you want to go a step further, Kiva is a super-cool platform and site that allows you to finacially give to micro-causes.


2. Organize action.

Social media outlets allow you to take your involvement a step further. You are not only able to share your voice, but you can then do something with it. Raise money. Gain support and awareness. Sponsor events. Organize and create more interest. Take action.

charity:water is an incredible organization that brilliantly uses social media and their website to provide you a platform to do more than just “like” their charity, but to help them raise money for sustainable wells, providing clean water in various countries in Africa. If you haven’t already, check them out, and see how easy it is to get involved.

There are lots of other ways to organize action. If you’re interested in discovering other resources in the process, read Mashable’s article about Social Fundraising Alternatives to Causes.

3. Create and build community.

Issues and causes gain support when the communities around those issues are informed, engaged, and contributing. Social networking and media allows you to build and sustain communities around what you collectively care about. You can discuss, debate, educate, and tell true stories around your interest. When people feel connected, they care.

One such way bloggers have created community, for example, is through BlogFrog, where mom (and a whole lot of other) bloggers are creating community. You can start forums, pose questions to your community, and discuss with like-minded individuals. Blogger mom heaven!

You can also start entire Facebook pages, or simply start discussions on other Facebook pages. Share relevant links and information with communities around your interest. Create a Twibe. In short, get involved. Sometimes people are intimidated by all that could be done, but don’t worry—you can start small.

4. Gain exposure to other worthy causes or fun and exciting interests.

The world and community within social media allows you to also be educated or informed about other causes that may float your boat, as well. Read up on what the causes your friends and the people you follow are talking about and broaden your horizons. If you’re on Twitter, follow hashtags beyond just news. Subscribe to blogs (hooray for RSS!) about your interest. Follow worthy causes. You get the idea.

5. Get feedback.

People who are a part of your group or organization can effectively relay any questions, concerns, or feedback they may have. This can only help strengthen your cause and how you speak out about that cause or interest. Let the conversation begin!

Start a discussion tab on a Facebook page surrounding your specific cause. Ask questions of your cause supporters. Then try using GetSatisfaction for causes you might support, like the American Cancer Society.

American Cancer Society

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To be continued…

Now that we’ve nailed down ways to use social media for personal purposes and in supporting your hobbies, interests, and causes, pick one or two things to try out. Don’t be overwhelmed–just choose a few social media outlets that you believe will best serve your cause or organization. Also, I’ll be back tomorrow with creative ways to use social media professionally. See you then!


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