3 New Ways to Hunt Easter Eggs


I did a little trial egg hunt with my almost three-year-old last week and realized that she doesn’t quite get it. She was all for me hiding the eggs, but then the “go and find them” part was a little lost on her. I started looking around and I found some great ideas to keep little ones on track AND keep the big kids interested too – not to mention keeping them out of each other’s way while hunting!

~Bunny Tracks

Print out “bunny tracks” and tape them to the floor leading little guys to eggs. Tracks can lead to individual eggs or clusters depending on time and attention span.

Check out Embellished Goods (www.embellishedgoods.blogspot.com) for FREE printables and tons of fun ideas!

~Scavenger Hunt

This idea is great for big kids, especially when there are little kids joining the same hunt. Leave the easy to find eggs for the littles, and have the big kids find clues for their eggs. Hide hints like “You use this to water the flowers” (answer: watering can) and “You ride me around the block” (answer: bike). Each egg contains a clue and each egg leads kids to the next egg and then eventually to a prize.

~Compound Word Hunt

Again, this is great for big kids and early readers. Write compound words like Football, Grandmother, Fireworks, Fireflies, Airport, etc (I Googled “compound words” and found a ton) on eggs being sure that each half of the word is one one half of the egg. Break all eggs in half and scatter them. As your kiddo brings you a correct word, they get a treat!

I found this great idea at First Grade Exploration. (www.firstgradeexploration.blogspot.com)


Happy hunting!