A Kitchen Appliance that Preps, Cooks, and Cleans? Yes, You Read that Right.


The future of cooking is here with this new kitchen appliance called the Multo® by CookingPal®. It’s a kitchen appliance that can prep, cook, and clean– and that’s just scratching the surface. 

Multi-functional Multo – 15+ functions in 1 device

With over 15 cooking functions, Multo can replace multiple appliances in your home, cleaning up your kitchen cupboards and clearing up your kitchen counter.

multoAbove is just a quick glance of what Multo can do. More features and functionality may be added in the future over Wi-Fi updates. Here’s a gift we wouldn’t mind receiving; we love a gift that keeps giving.

An ever-growing smart recipe library

Multo also comes with a free lifetime subscription to a smart recipe library that’s updated every week with recipes created by professional chefs. According to the CookingPal team, they are planning to release more special diet recipes, meaning all of you on a vegan, vegetarian, keto (or other) diet out there can regularly be inspired with new recipes.

The recipes can be easily accessed in the included Smart Kitchen Hub tablet. Even newbie cooks can make elaborate dishes with the photo and video-guided recipes that show them exactly what to do at each step. Just follow simple instructions, throw the ingredients in, press start, and watch the magic happen. 

Free up your time with remote control cooking

We’re probably aging ourselves here, but doesn’t “remote control cooking” sound like something from The Jetsons? But with the included Smart Kitchen Hub, remote control cooking is now a reality.

multoNow you can simply throw in the ingredients, press start, and take the tablet (or “Hub”) with you to the couch while Multo cooks for you. We love the convenience that this offers, freeing our time from the kitchen while dinner is getting ready. You can remotely monitor the cooking process or access the recipe library just on the Hub or their CookingPal app.

So, what do you think? The Multo costs $999 on the CookingPal website, with an available 0% interest Buy Now, Pay Later option. Is it an investment you’d make for your kitchen? Let us know in a comments below!

Thank you to CookingPal for being a sponsor of Scottsdale Mom and for providing us the content in this article.


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