We Visited HGTV’s Santa HQ at Fashion Square and Had a Blast!


This week, my three boys, husband and I headed off to HGTV’s Santa HQ at Scottsdale Fashion Square.   Nothing brings greater giddiness to my sons than getting to see Santa every year.  What will they ask for? What will they wear? 

But as a mom, I have to wonder how my kids are going to react to waiting their turn. Who will melt down first? How much whining from the boredom of waiting will occur?

But NONE of that happened with the Santa HQ.  With so many features, every minute before our turn with Santa was fun-filled and entertaining.

Fast Pass

One of my greatest fears as a mom is wondering how I can entertain my kids in long mall lines.  Can they stand still? No.  Would I have to hand over my cell phone to keep them business? Probably, at the cost my data allowance.

But with Fast Pass, I can pick a time that works with my schedule and skip the line to see Santa. We practically walked right into the HQ.

Elf Academy

As a family who uses a lot of technology, we were so impressed with how much was offered. We’re talking virtual EVERYTHING! There were so many hands-on activities for my kids to try out while we waited for Santa.  There wasn’t a second that my kids weren’t engaged and interacting with the exhibit.  

First, each of my boys took the Naughty or Nice test (all scored Nice and were totally excited to see their names on screen).  Then they went inside to Magic Mirror where they transformed into Santa’s elves with different outfits. My sons took turns creating Elf ID cards by taking selfies, a favorite activity of theirs. 

Maybe the coolest thing they did was use Elf-Ray vision to find hidden elves and features.  They used tablets to explore Santa’s Observatory before seeing Santa. This really is state-of-the-art digital technology.


Of course the real reason we visited was to see Santa. He really knew how to interact with the boys, from asking questions to patiently listening to their stories.  They were so happy to meet him this year.

Do yourself a favor and visit Santa HQ at Scottsdale Fashion Square. This was truly a meaningful holiday experience – you know if it’s HGTV, it’s going to be great. You kids will have a blast, too.




Watch the video from Jill’s trip to SantaHQ below!

This is a sponsored blog; while the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me by Macerich/HGTV’s Santa HQ.