My “Girls” are going Wireless, Part 2


Part 2: The bras….

wireless part 2

These first two wireless bras were actually the last ones I ordered and I ordered them because I started getting 100,000 FB ads for different bra companies and I’m a sucker for FB ads. Stupid Cookies.

Anyway I didn’t have high hopes for them, but the review on the website were very positive so I thought I’d try them, and if they worked out, the price was great so…


  1. The Lover: This is a very cute wireless bra. I was hoping and praying that this would be great because I’m always so jealous of smaller chested women who can rock this look. I purchased it in the Olive color and size Medium as per their size chart. The color is very nice on my skin tone, but the band is not supportive at all and a bit too loose. Could I wear it with a sundress or a backless tee or tanktop, sure, but I certainly wouldn’t consider this for an option where I wanted my boobs to look perky. Will I keep it? Yes, because I’m way too lazy to return it, but I likely won’t be buying it again.
  2. The Dreamer Cotton Reversible Bralette:  This is a VERY COMFORTABLE bralette. But I have to tighten the straps all the way on my petite frame and again, there’s not a ton of actual support. I did sleep in it two nights in a row though. It is that comfortable. I also bought the matching boy short or The Dreamer Cotton Shorty and they make a really cute sleep set. I’m wearing the undies right now actually and am finding them very very comfortable and I like the slightly higher waist with my highwaisted jeans today. I would actually consider purchasing this bra again for a weekend or lazy day around the house, and the undies for sure!

My take-away with this brand is that they are likely great for women with small boobs or ones thathaven’t nursed a couple kids past 2 years… They are cheap and cute, but that’s about as far as they go. 

Next I got my one bra from KnixWear.

  1. The Evolution Bra:  I bought this bra in the black/nude combo as a practical option. Knix isn’t big on colors or fancy bits, but as far as delivering on a comfortable bra that supports the boobies and does it’s job, this gets an A+ for me. I got a size 4 and the band is just a bit snug. May have been able to size up to a 5, but I’m pretty happy with the 4. I would definitely be willing to give some of their other styles a try. 

Side Note: I also ordered their “Leakproof” period shorts to sleep in… very much not leakproof. This was such a bummer for me. I use Thinx and they are definitely the winners still as far as leakproof period panties are concerned.

Then I went over to Lively and went a little crazy, ordering 3 of their bras. Their marketing strategy is on point!

  1. The All-Day Deep V No-Wire Bra. This is a great bra. Not going to lie. My one problem is that I definitely need a 32DD in this bra not the 32 D. So I’ve got a push up bra now! For the price and comfort I would definitely purchase this again and again. 
  2. The Deep V No-Wire. Very similar to the first one and same exact feelings. Should have ordered a 32DD but love this bra. 
  3. The Mesh Trim Bralette. This bra is crazy comfortable and soft, but in hindsight I should have followed my instincts and bought their Busty Bralette instead. I ordered a Medium as per their size chart and the band is just too big, so it doesn’t really offer much support. But the materials and design are all on-point.

I’ve been really impressed by all three and Lively will likely be a go to for me for a while. They have a ton of designs and a special for 3 bras for $80 which I’m definitely in to. 

Then I went high-end…

and went to Fortnight, not to be confused with Fortnite, the crazy video game phenomenon. This company is based out of Canada, actually, but all the research I did ahead of time recommended this brand for bustier ladies. I broke the bank and bought two of their bras.

  1. Luna Longline Bra  This stunning bra is the stuff dreamy romance films are made of. My ONLY problem with this bra is that the band is actually a bit tight. I might be between the 32 and 34 DD in their brand. It is gorgeous, it is supportive, makes me feel darn sexy as a slightly chubby mom-of-two. 
  2. Mira Longline Bra  This bra has all the same beautiful construction as their other longline bra does. The band wasn’t quite as tight as the Luna despite the size being the same, likely due to the different materials used. 

These bras make me insanely happy. While I might be sticking with Lively for regular buys, you best believe that I’ll be saving my pennies to head back to Fortnight for a bra/panty combo as soon as possible. Everything about them was spot on. Even the straps are fully adjustable so they work for you even if you’re tiny and are made of higher-than-usual quality so they don’t stretch out during the day etc. so no slipping shoulder straps. 

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my journey to going wireless! I never thought I would be! So I’m ditching all but one wireless bra and enjoying the feeling of not wanting to strip off my bra by noon each day. If you have any favorite wireless bras that I need to check out, be sure to comment and let me know. Now, on to find the best high-waisted leggings that don’t cost as much as my mortgage payment.