Mom turned Mompreneur: Building a Business With Babies


Say Hi to Beth! She is a new contributor and local “boy mom” with two busy little ones and ready to share her wisdom and love of adventures with you all. 


I always like to share a fun find with my friends as well as support any mompreneur, and the extra bonus behind this brand is that the designer is a local Scottsdale mama just like us! Mama B Designs is an apparel brand centered around boy mamas, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something for ALL mamas. Often times we see mothers and daughters dressed “matchy matchy,” so being a boy mama, Nadine Bubeck plugged into a market where the amount of boy and mom coordinating clothes was almost non-existent.


My personal fav the tank that reads, “Boy Mamas Have More Fun” (duh!). For ANY mom, the simple “Blessed” tee fits the bill. Not only do I think the tees and tanks are adorable, I admire this busy mom for branching out and becoming a mompreneur. I wanted to get some advice for other mompreneurs out there, so I sat down and asked Nadine some questions:

What made you start this clothing brand?
“I started Mama B. Designs for a few reasons. First, I love fashion, but ever since becoming a mom, my stilettos-and-dress attire has transitioned to yoga clothes (and I don’t work out). So, I wanted to create fun and stylish tanks, tops and tees for moms and sons to coordinate with one another. All our stuff is original and high quality, easily paired with leggings, jeans or skirts. My boys are my inspiration. I want to make them proud. I want to instill in them the drive to pursue their dreams. I want to lead by example; that mama can “mother” as well as be an entrepreneur.”

How do you juggle it all?    
“Trick question, right?! As moms, we are all just doing the best we can, learning as we go, and putting a front on Facebook that we’re flawless- but truth is, it’s hard. My boys are my world and I try to give them my 100%, 100% of the time, but that’s nearly impossible. And so, we have figured out a healthy balance. I work from home, in addition to running a company, blogging, and taking on other entrepreneurial projects- this “stuff” has become my passion and vice- things that maintain my sense of self. (Which is VERY important.) With that being said, I will drop anything at any time of day to play with my kids. I’m all for taking breaks, being flexible, and refocusing my attention when need be. My sons come first. Work wise, I fit a LOT into nap time, and I also find myself working at 3am… that way, I’m able to spend quality time with my boys without interruption.”

What is your best advice for another go-getting mom?
“Two words: do it. Of course, have a plan, be organized, and set realistic goals- but most of all, bite the bullet. Surrender fear. Don’t be swayed by criticism. Ask for help. Support other go-getting moms; in turn, they’ll support you. I doubt myself every single day. We all have ugly voices in our head that makes us question ourselves… but there are other voices too, that speak louder and stronger. Those are the voices I choose to listen to.”

For more fabulous designs check out  Mama B. Designs

Oh and get this, Mama B. Designs is an official partner of March of Dimes by donating 50% off every Mama B. Miracle Line item sold.
WAY TO GO MOMPRENEUR!! Who are some of your favorite local mompreneurs?! 

Side note: this is not a sponsored post, just one mom spreading some local business love!