Fall Fashion in a Warm Climate


Fall Fashion

It was 100 degrees out again yesterday. Every Phoenician knows we still have plenty of warm weather ahead of us, but retailers are steadily rolling out the sweaters and boots. Since I grew up in the Midwest, I’ve always been in love with fall fashion, but I’ve found our Phoenix sweater weather typically rolls around when we are decorating our Christmas trees. I’m at the point in the year where I’m totally over my summer wardrobe, but can’t fathom throwing on jeans and a cardigan just yet for preschool drop-off. Here are a few ideas to help our inner fashionistas embrace fall without sweating our booties off:

1: Change up the color scheme. I’m a full believer in wearing white after Labor Day, but it can make me feel like I’m heading to a 4th of July party instead of the pumpkin patch. We don’t have to pack away those bright summer colors everyday, but we can mix it up by wearing darker teal, navy, magenta, mustard yellow, and burgundy with jean shorts. The darker colors will instantly bring a hint of fall into our outfits. It doesn’t hurt that Target has a great selection of inexpensive tanks and t-shirts in these colors.

2. Throw on a pair of boots or booties. I used to think booties only went with jeans, but the fashion gods are now telling us otherwise. Fashion magazines and bloggers everywhere pair booties with dresses and shorts, in addition to pants. This newer trend might be a tad different for most of us, but it sure will help us get a lot more use out of those boots!

3. Find a pair of sandals that look like booties. Are you feet sweating just thinking about boots? We are in luck. Right now, there are a bunch of open-toe and sling-back style booties on the market which are perfect for our warm fall weather. They are essentially sandals, but it gives our feet proper ventilation for a 100 degree day. I’m a big fan of these six pairs.

4. Pick-up a lightweight kimono. The kimono trend is hot right now and it couldn’t be more perfect for those of us living in AZ. Think of a kimono as a lightweight, short-sleeve cardigan. Throw one on with a tank and jeans or shorts for a simple fall look. Here are a few of my favorite kimonos currently in stores (bargain hunter hint: two of them can be found at Target).

5. Keep those shoulders bare. Off the shoulder and cold-shoulder tops and dresses were very popular this summer and both trends are continuing into fall. Even if you pick-up a long-sleeve dress or top, keeping shoulders exposed won’t make you feel like you are getting cooked.

6. Grab a lightweight scarf. I think scarves are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to accessorize any outfit. Not only do they hide inevitable stains on our clothes courtesy of our kids, but they give us that perfect fall layered look.

What other tips and tricks do you have for dressing for fall in a warm climate?