Finding Your #MOMSQUAD


finding your momsquadAs I was getting my weekly fill of re-run episodes of KUWTK (yes, I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for all things “E”!), the episode that aired was the one of Kim appearing in Fergie’s new “M.I.L.F. Money” video. It wasn’t the hyper-sexualized breastfeeding innuendo that caught my attention or the fact that the women in the video have the most flawless (airbrushed or not) bodies, rather it was that Fergie had asked her REAL girlfriends to join her in the video, a.k.a. her #momsquad! It got me thinking, we should all have a support system of other mommies that “fit in our shoes”…Louboutin heels or not!

I moved from Dallas to Phoenix shortly after finding out I was pregnant with my first born. I was excited to be closer to my family in California and to be near my in-laws here in Phoenix, but I didn’t have many friends, especially friends with babies. Luckily, my husband who attended ASU had a few friends who were local and growing their families at the same time we were. This is how I began to develop my #momsquad. I honestly don’t know how I would’ve felt being away from my family and having babies without the support of our friends. The more we settled into our new town, the more I started to create my “village,” my wide network of mommies and friends that all help me navigate my way through the early years of parenting.

These are some of the ways I went about finding my #momsquad (yes, I love #hashtags!):

Support Local Mom Groups – Your local parenting group likely has events that support mommies with littles and will set up playdate events and educational meetings. Networks like MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and our very own City Moms Blog Network have monthly, if not, weekly opportunities to meet up with other moms. Also, check out Mom’s Night Out events for those nights when you need a little YOU time! Scottsdale Moms Blog has TWO in the month of September…whoo hoo!!

Join A Fitness Club – Join a fitness studio or club that encourages you to bring your children with you. As a fitness instructor and mother of two under the age of two, I understand the need to be close to your children who may not be ready for preschool or daycare. Many fitness clubs around the Phoenix area like Mountainside Fitness, barre3, and the Village Clubs all offer childcare when you join. Some clubs even offer mommy and me classes like Modern Milk and FIT4MOM. I personally have made life long friends at barre3 and the Village Clubs where I teach.

Attend Birthday Parties – So unbeknownst to me, is the fact that many parents don’t attend the birthday parties their children are invited to. Such a shame, because this is where they miss a huge opportunity to connect with those who are in the same boat! Go and make friends…not just your kids, but you. I met one of my dearest of friends at a birthday party at a local trampoline park. Ok, so it wasn’t my usual stomping ground, but both my friend and I had children the same age and we were both transplants to AZ. Come to find out we had so many other things in common and now I can say I’m blessed to have her and her family in my life.

The idea here is basically this, SUPPORT OTHER MOMS AND THEY’LL SUPPORT YOU. It really does take a village to raise children and you know they don’t come with a handbook, so go, get out and seek what you need. I’m sure you’ll find another mom seeking out you! Every mom should have her squad of other moms that support and encourage each other through the days of raising children.