I’m a mini-van mom, and I will rock it.


I am the proud mamma of three children and owner of… a mini van. Up until about eight months ago, the words “I want a mini van” would have never come out of my mouth. When we had our second child, some people would say, “Have you considered a mini van?” and I would scoff thinking of the days my mom drove my sister an I around in an matte grey Astro van. Never!, I thought. But soon, I would be convincing my husband on getting one while enduring the laughs and one liners from family and friends. 

mini van momYou should see all the conveniences today’s mini vans offer those taxing around a bunch of kids. If you’ve ever returned to your car and couldn’t open your door to get the infant bucket seat in because your parking neighbor is too close, or you couldn’t pick your friend’s child up from school because you didn’t have enough seats, or your hands are full with sports equipment and you would do anything to have magic open the trunk and doors for you….you should want a mini van. Endless cup holders, USB plugs, personal lights? You should want a mini van!

In my humble opinion, the mini van says, “Let me make your life easier.” I will quickly accept its help!

I will take the heat from any mom, dad, grandparent, or friend who throws around those Saturday Night Live mini-van mom one liners because to me, it truly is worth it. Have you ever heard of a mom (or dad) who hates her mini van? I never have, and now I know why. Because it’s amazing, and my kids think it’s so cool. 

I’m proud to be a mini van mom, and I will rock it.

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Sara Solem attended Arizona State University as an out-of-state student from Indiana. This is where she met her husband, Casey, a native of Scottsdale, and made Arizona her home. Sara worked in higher education while Casey finished medical school and then became a stay-at-home mom when their daughter, Grace, was born in 2013. They welcomed their second daughter, Audrey, in June 2016. Sara can be found playing princesses any day of the week, but she also enjoys baking, family walks, hand lettering, ASU football, backyard barbecues, and Indian food.