Five Ways to Make Your Photos into Cherished Keepsakes


Motherhood brings pictures. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of pictures a year. We try to capture every precious moment and although we use many to share with friends on social media, there are those we take to keep for ourselves those are the pictures that will make us cry tears of nostalgia when our babies are in college. But after we take all these pictures, what the heck can we do with them to keep them organized? Yes, many of us keep them in iPhoto, but then do we ever truly go back and look? They become the “one day I will do something with them” albums that gather dust. Today I share five ways I like to take those captured moments and make them forever keepsakes. 

Shutterfly – Ok busy Moms, this one is for you. Did you know that Shutterfly will MAKE the photo album for you? I’m not talking about auto placing the pictures you upload. No, I’m talking about a team within Shutterfly who sits down and makes the photo album for you, as if you were doing it. They send you a proof and it’s only if you decide to buy it will they charge you an extra $9.99 to do it. For Moms with no time, I think $9.99 is well worth the cost! There’s just one catch. In order to do it, you have to make sure your photos are in chronological order, so if you want to do a yearly photo album, make sure you upload your photos throughout the year so they have a time stamp on them for Shutterfly. 

Groovebook – I saw Groovebook on Shark Tank years ago and thought it was a genius idea. Here’s how it works. For a mere $2.99 a month you get to select 100 photos to be printed. 100 photos! They arrive at your doorstep in a compact book with pictures that can be torn out. It’s the perfect way to gift pictures to family, put them in a photo album or picture frame, or simply have them printed in case your computer ever crashes (yes Moms, that happens!)

Same Day Photo Gift Service at Walgreens – Forget about the pictures, now let’s talk about pictures made into keepsakes. Did you know that Walgreens offers a same day service for photo gifts? You can get wood panels, canvas prints, photo cards and much more printed the same day you order. This is perfect for gifts, or if you want to print a photo to be placed at a party or your home. Plus, the quality is really good and they always have amazing coupons. 

Sophie and Lili – Do you have a picture you love with all your heart? Does it capture your family perfectly and is the picture itself just not enough to show the world just how much you love it? Enter Sophie and Lily. This talented artist takes your favorite photo and transforms it into a whimsical and adorable watercolor print. It is not cheap, so it has to be done for a photo you truly love and they also charge per person in the photo. 




A Family Print Shop – Silhouettes. Classic, charming and a must for all children in my opinion. I recently got a silhouette made for my daughter and my heart just about melted when the proof arrived in my inbox. A Family Print Shop creates these gorgeous silhouettes and gives you options on how you would like them delivered, such as just a print or on a wooden panel, etc. She also started offering lockets. I love her work so much!





Now it’s your turn! I would love to hear how you like to make your photo memories into treasured keepsakes!



  1. So many great ideas. I especially love the silhouettes and the water color portraits. Both are so unique and seem like they would make a truly special keepsake. Wonderful gifts.

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