Lindsey Dempsey

Lindsey Dempsey
Lindsey Dempsey is a full time Mom, a blogger ( and Marketing consultant during nap time and after bedtime. Lindsey is a former U of A Wildcat and now lives in North Scottsdale with her husband Scott, their daughter Madeline and their dog Harley. Follow Lindsey's daily findings on her Instagram - @mykidtourguide.
pregnancy classes

The 5 Pregnancy Classes I Wish They Offered to Moms

With pregnancy comes ten months of prepping. We buy pregnancy books to learn how our body is changing, we scour the internet for articles on the best baby products and we take countless classes...
surviving arizona summers

Surviving Arizona Summer As A New Mom

I thought I hit the due-date jackpot. An April due date meant I didn’t have to be pregnant in the summer. I thought about the poor women who had to go through the hot...

National Entrepreneurs Day: How I took the Leap into Owning My Own Business

“What do you want to do when you grow up?” What a question. A question everyone asks when we are young. But can I even answer that? Call me selfish, but I want it...

A New Children’s Read to Open a World of Imagination

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to read. She read everything. She read for hours. She traveled to faraway lands and spent her days pretending to be characters from...

5 Fun Fall Events in October

We did it! We survived summer! Arizona Moms need to unite with one big toast to celebrate this accomplishment and now it’s time for the fun to begin! I love October because it’s the...

Caring For Your Child’s Teeth

2017 started off with a bang. Literally. A bang straight to the ground. My 20 month old (at the time) was so excited to start the day, she was running around our island. It...

This Saved My Sanity: Blackout Drapes

New moms get so many product “suggestions” thrown their way. “This is the best carseat!” “Use this and your child will sleep!” “These onesies are double the price, but the best on the market.” You spend...

Five Ways To Entertain Toddlers in the Air Conditioning

Summer brings a smile to a Mom’s face in most states, but here it’s the dreaded months where we have to find alternatives to the parks we love. Thankfully the Valley is getting better...

Five Ways to Make Your Photos into Cherished Keepsakes

Motherhood brings pictures. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of pictures a year. We try to capture every precious moment and although we use many to share with friends on social media, there are those we take to...

The Night My Daughter had a Febrile Seizure

It was a Sunday like any other. We took a family field trip to the airport to drop my husband off for a work-trip. Madeline had a blast exploring the airport, helping Daddy check...

Love Your Hair: 10 Tips From The Pros

Our hair. It’s a love, hate relationship really. One day we love the length, the next day we want to chop it off. One day we love being a brunette, the next day we...

Skincare 101: Common Myths & Questions Answered

Ever since having my daughter, I feel completely behind when it comes to giving my hair and skin the tlc it deserves. I then get desperate and find myself turning to trending Facebook articles...

The Season of Sweets! Top 10 local spots for Holiday Pie

  ‘Tis the season for festive everything. Festive play dates, festive family gatherings, festive decor, festive clothes and of course festive food! Whether you’re hosting a family holiday, attending a party, or simply like to...

Madeline’s Toy Box: A story of a Hemangioma & Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Click here to donate A toy box: Just a simple way to ease the fears of children going in for treatment at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. My heart breaks every time I take my daughter...

Our Day At Gymboree

  I have a climber. For anyone else who has a climber, you know what that means - for those who don’t, I can sum it up in one sentence. Climbers give parents a constant...

Ten Toys Under $10 for Toddlers

Moms are event planners (be sure to add that to your resume!),days are spent entertaining the most demanding of clients, with a five second attention span and a temper to match. I’m still waiting...