Baby Wearing for the Hands Full Mama


I have to admit, I did not take to baby wearing right away. We registered for and received a baby carrier when my first son was born, but it didn’t really get much use. I think we used it twice for hiking. But that was back when I still had one hand free and the adults still outnumbered the children so it wasn’t as much of a necessity. The tables turned once I found out I was pregnant with my second son, I knew having a toddler AND a baby wasn’t going to be easy so I started to read more about the benefits of baby wearing and the different types of carriers. After he was born, I wore him EVERYWHERE – shopping, around the house, out for walks – I loved having him close and easily seeing his smiling face. And it helped that he instantly fell asleep as soon as I strapped him on. A few years later we added a third and my hands were officially FULL. Baby wearing became a necessity to go anywhere outside of the house. 

baby wearing

There are so many different styles and brands of carriers out there, I highly suggest trying on a friends carrier or go to a local baby store that will let you try different styles on to find one you like before committing to the price tag. If you are looking for some advice on which are the best, these ones are my favorites that are getting me through the “hands full” years.
(Side note: this is not sponsored by any of the brands below, just my personal thoughts!

Wrap Carrier – Baby K’Tan – I used this one the most when my babies were newborn-three months. I love that it is soft and keeps them snug. It comes in two pieces that are easy to put on and it rolls up small so it easily fits into a diaper bag. You can wear it in several different positions which is nice to switch baby when they may want to see more, and the fabric spread across the shoulders helps distribute the weight and keep it comfortable for mama too. 

Sling CarrierWild Bird – Though you can use a sling carrier with newborns, I find that it is easier to use when babies are a bit older and have some more head control. I use this one for quick trips like walking the big brothers into preschool, it is fast to put on and get baby into comfortably. Wild Bird has some beautiful colors and quality fabrics for their slings and just get softer and easier to use with time.

Structured CarrierErgo Baby 360 – The Ergo is my favorite for when you are going to be wearing baby for an extended period of time. I use it mostly for traveling or easy hikes with the kids. The wide band around the waist and straps keep the weight off of my shoulders and all of the buckles are adjustable so my husband can use it too. I like the 360 version because baby has the option to be forward facing too. 

What are your favorite carriers?