Fun Facts about Super Bowl LVII in Arizona


The Valley is set to host the Super Bowl once again this month – its fourth time in sunny Arizona.

Whether you’re a big fan of football, just watching the game for the commercials and great snacks or will be enjoying some quiet shopping that day and couldn’t care less about all the hoopla, here are some facts you should know about Super Bowl 57 before countless Chiefs and Eagles fans descend upon our desert paradise.

First of all, why does the NFL use those pesky Roman numerals for the Super Bowl each year?

Lamar Hunt, the former owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, came up with the Roman numerals system because NFL officials wanted to avoid confusion — given that the actual championship game is played the year after the corresponding football season. Makes sense.

What does the winning team get for a Super Bowl victory?

That big trophy, known as the Vince Lombardi trophy – named after the iconic Green Bay Packers’ coach who won he first two Super Bowls – weighs seven pounds and costs $50,000. Each franchise pays for 150 Super Bowl rings with help from the league. Those big, sparkly rings cost $5 million dollars! (And the MVP of the game also gets a free trip to Disney.)

Why do companies pay so much for advertising during the game?

Because the Super Bowl is the 2nd most watched sporting event every year, drawing viewers from around the globe. (The most watched sporting event every year? The soccer Champions League final.) This year, according to Fox Sports, a few of the thirty-second commercial slots were sold for a record $7 million dollars each, so don’t turn away from the screen during commercials.

And speaking of high prices…

A Super Bowl ticket for this year cost between $4,852 and $27,449, depending upon when the tickets were purchased. A regular parking spot at State Farm Stadium will cost anywhere from $100-$300, and a VIP spot may go for as much as $1,000. You can bet that many of those big spenders will be flying into the Valley on private jets. Scottsdale Airport’s Aviation Director Gary Mascaro says to expect “more than 1,000 operations or “flights” a day during Super Bowl week.” Put your earbuds in.

Where are all these people going to stay – and eat?

With the Super Bowl and the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament being held here on the same weekend, hotel room prices throughout the Valley are beyond sky high. Here are just a few examples from 12 News, as of 1/27/23:

“A Motel 6 off 51st Avenue, just north of Interstate 10, will leave the light on for you if you pay $850 bucks a night. A room at the Best Western Hotel off Interstate 17 near Castles and Coasters will set you back nearly $1,150 a night. And a three-night stay during Super Bowl Weekend at a Holiday Inn Express would require you to fork over $5,640 for the weekend, for an average of $1,614 per night.” Let’s hope there’s a nightly mint on the pillow.

Popular restaurants across the Valley are already booked solid during Super Bowl/Waste Management weekend, so if you’re a local trying to eat out then, be sure to call ahead and be prepared for some long waits. Or better yet, relax at home and make a few of these great snacks from Insanely Good Recipes.

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