The Perfect Little Black Dress for Every Situation 

perfect little black dress

Gals, I found it!  The search is over.  I found the perfect little black dress for every situation.  Okay, maybe not every situation. I mean, it’s probably not going to work for a formal dinner at the White House or even your cousin’s fancy wedding at the Wrigley Mansion, but it will work for just about every other occasion where you want to be either dressed up, or cute, comfortable or classic. I want every single one of us to have this dress because it’s so perfect.   

So, what’s so great about this dress?  Many things.  

So soft – the fabric is the softest knit jersey material.  It feels so good against the skin.  It’s also super flowy, and drapes nicely against the body so it’s flattering to all shapes.  The other great thing about that soft jersey knit is that breathes well in the summer months and it can be folded small to fit in a travel bag with minimal concern for wrinkles.  

Pockets – need I say more?  

Colors – if black isn’t what you’re looking for, good news!  It comes in a multitude of other colors as well.  I personally own it in jade green, mauve & leopard.  I actually currently do not own it in black, but it’s on my list.   

Versatile – this dress is so versatile!  You could easily wear it as a cover up at the pool, keep it casual for running around with kiddos, or dress it up with accessories for a date night or girls’ night out.  Heck, I’ve even slept in it!  

Affordable – your new favorite dress is under $25 so you can feel ok about getting one in every color. 

Seasonal – long sleeves in the cooler months, short sleeves in the summer months, this dress comes in both styles. As for seasons of life, this dress could be great for a mama-to-be because of the empire waist (also a fit ‘n flair style available).  As a short gal with curves, I find that this dress is quite slimming and flattering as it shows off what I want to and conceals what I don’t.  Looks great on my slim sister-in-law, too!  I find this dress is the perfect style for all ages.  

Convenience – ordered from Amazon and delivered to your house to try on? Yes, please!  As a busy mom with two boys, I simply cannot go shopping for clothes with them in tow.  It’s not fair to them or me or the people who work at the stores. As much as I enjoy browsing the racks of my favorite shops and trying on clothes, I just don’t have time to do it.  Not to mention the lack of energy.  This convenient way to shop is saving my life right now.   

Bottom line, I’m tired of the yoga pants mom uniform.  I want to be comfortable and not too fussy about my wardrobe, but I want to be cute and put together.  I’ve never been a fan of wearing jeans and have always preferred to wear dresses.  Whenever I wear one of my 3 dresses, I get tons of compliments!  I’ve literally worn my dress to family birthday parties, Target runs, hanging out, volunteering in the 1st grade classroom, Christmas Eve service, church, dinner date with my hubby, lunch with girlfriends, an influencer’s night out event, and to bed.  Where will you wear this dress?  

Are you convinced? Here’s the link.  The dress comes in knee length, maxi length, empire waisted, flare, short sleeved, long sleeved, and sleeveless.


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