DIY Thankful Jar Family Activity


thankful jar

One of the first manners that we teach children is to say please and thank you. Some of us even start before they can talk, by teaching them to sign those words. Raising a child who is both generous and thankful is something we strive toward. It seems only natural to take a moment each day to acknowledge all the good that surrounds us.

Over the past few years, our family has tried different “thankful” activities, usually in November. We’ve made leaves for a “thankful tree.” We’ve written words of appreciation on a pumpkin centerpiece. This year, our family started a “Thankful Jar.”

Thankful Jar

thankful jar

Each evening during dinner, our family talks about our days and what we appreciated. Our daughter can’t write yet, so she tells us and then draws a picture after dinner. This simple act of taking a moment out of our days to share what is wonderful in our lives has brought us closer as a family. 

Making the jar was simple. First, find a container. The Rustle Berry Company created a beautiful sticker that transformed the jar into a decorative piece. I added a little twine around the rim of the jar. Lastly, I cut up some pretty scrapbook paper to add some color to the project.

Each night we add our thankful notes to the jar. On Thanksgiving night, we’ll have a month of great memories to enjoy.

Other Jars…

The DIY jar could easily transform, depending on what character trait your family is focused on:

  • Happiness jar
  • Kindness jar
  • Memory jar
  • Prayer jar
  • Worry jar

What does your family do to remember to show gratitude?


  1. I absolutely love this idea. Cultivating gratitude is such a wonderful practice for kids and adults alike. Using the holiday to spring board this practice is so smart and makes it fun. Wonderful suggestion.


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