Using Delivery Services to Buy More Time in the New Year



want more time.

I know this isn’t a revolutionary concept, but as I embark into the New Year, I’d like to find ways to be more productive and less “busy.”

Can I get an “Amen?”

One way I plan on doing this in 2014 is by utilizing the vast array of delivery services that exist – at little to no cost – to provide convenience for customers. I’ve found that one of the biggest challenges in mothering three, ages five and under, is how quick, little, nothing errands take big productions in order to complete. From the dreaded loading and unloading for the car rides to the tantrums inside the stores, errand running has new meaning with children in tow.

This year I vow to make life simpler and easier on myself whenever possible to create more time for the meaningful stuff. (“Stuff.”– I know, deep thoughts here ladies…)

Here are some delivery services I plan on implementing (or continuing to use) into my routine in 2014:

Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaner offers free pick-up and delivery (I do think they have a minimum item requirement) to their customers. We have been using this service for just over five years and it’s such a time saver. My hubby wears a shirt and tie to work everyday so dry cleaning is a very important part of keeping his wardrobe locked and loaded for him.


I just got an Amazon Prime account in early December and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get one sooner. Free two-day shipping on most items delivered right to my doorstep? Yes, please! From paper plates to toothpaste to cleaning supplies- this is my new go-to place for a large portion of household supplies. (Sorry Target.)


Did you know that you could get your groceries delivered right to your door each week? While we haven’t tested this out yet, we’ve looked into Safeway’s online delivery service. Basically, you shop the aisles online; they charge you a fee (think around $9.95 if you spend $150 or more) and give you a one-hour delivery window. (The price of not taking all three kids to the grocery store? Priceless.)


So… I know I’m not breaking earth-shattering news right now by telling you that you can have your diapers delivered to your door step – but are you really utilizing this service to it’s optimum potential? I know I’m not. Recently, I’ve upped my usage of the sister sites of this web conglomerate. Think shampoo, organic baby lotion, facial cleanser.

If I really use all these services to their full potential then I will save myself so much time and energy — things I’m so short on lately.

What am I missing?! Are there other delivery services I could be using as well? Do tell.


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