Cheerleaders, Yelling, Beer, and Time-Outs! Experiencing a Suns’ Game through the eyes of a 5-year old


photo (2)Recently, my husband scored 4 tickets to a Phoenix Suns basketball game.  We loaded our 5 & 7 year old daughters into the car and headed off, excited to watch the game together!

We splurged on PHX Suns face paint; ordered up our churro, nachos, and pizza; and found our seats.  While I was settling in, my 5-year-old asked (loudly, I may add), “Momma are the black ones mean and the white ones good?”  For a startled moment I thought I raised a racist – but then realized, after looking at center court – the teams adorned a black uniform and a white uniform.  Thank God! 

So I replied (just as loudly, I may add), “Oh honey Phoenix is in a white UNIFORM and the other team from another city is in a black UNIFORM, they are both nice – but yes the white uniform is from where we live.”

“Oh,” she said.  “Momma, why are people yelling at the black uniform team?”

Now I understand her confusion.  “I know it seems not nice, but they just want their team to win honey.”

She was intrigued by the concession workers shouting up and down the aisles for popcorn, cookies, and cotton candy- and stared as only 5 -year-olds can.  She even raised her hand for a beer , which I had to kindly pop back down.

When the cheerleaders came on stage she stood straight up to get a better look, and could not keep her eyes off of them.  I tried to forget that the clothes may be too revealing and dance moves a little “adult” and just tried to enjoy my child so excited.  She exclaimed, “Mommy, I didn’t know GIRLS were in basketball!” Obviously she is unaware of the WNBA (note to self: must youtube that at home.)

Later in the game, the visiting team double-dribbled, or fouled (Perhaps I also need a lesson in basketball) and the announcer barreled over the loud speaker, “ Personal foul and automatic time-out”.

”Mommy!!  THEY got in trrouuuble!  They have to go to TIME OUT!”

I can’t wait to take her to next game.  

What have you experienced differently through your child’s eyes, the good and the uncomfortable?


  1. That is TOO funny! I love seeing life through my little people’s eyes. We’ve had SO many fun conversations and some awkward ones too.

    I find myself savoring all of the ones from my littlest. Holding onto every word he pronounces wrong. When my older kids try to correct him, I correct THEM! “It’s fine that he says playing chess is playing chest…”

  2. Thanks Noelle, yes I wish I could remember to write these all down! Speaking of “chest” — Just the other day, we were at Grandma’s house and my mom was helping my little one out of the bath. While toweling dry, my little girl suddenly reached for my Mom’s shirt and peeked her head inside. We were so surprised and I said, “Honey why did you do that?” and she said, “Well, she sees mine!” we were cracking up for the rest of the evening!

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