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Scottsdale Moms Blog presents a new series: “Pinterest Tried & True!” Join us this week as our contributors share which great ideas from Pinterest really worked for them. We’ll be talking about food, fashion, home decor, crafts, and boredom busters for kids!



I really like to cook and I love to make new recipes that I haven’t tried before- I actually mean I prefer a good restaurant, but with three children this isn’t as much fun as it used to be.

Finding new recipes every week can be challenging and tedious. I used to rip recipes out of magazines and buy lots of cook books. But enter the invention of Pinterest and I now have an endless supply of fabulous looking recipes to pin and try.

Here is my list of favorite tried and true recipes that I found through Pinterest:



French Breakfast Muffinsyummmm tastes like a donut in a muffin

Baked Pancake Squareseasy way to make pancakes in the oven

The Pioneers Woman’s Cinnamon ToastI bet you didn’t know you were making cinnamon toast wrong either

“Starbucks” Petite Vanilla Sconesalmost exactly like the real thing, but much cheaper


Lime & Coconut Chickengreat way to make chicken

Chicken Parmesan Casseroleeasy dinner

Sour Cream Noodle Bakeanother easy dinner

Baked Chicken FajitasI prefer anything that I can bake instead of standing over the stove especially during homework time



Amazing Biggest Loser Vegetable Salad so good and really healthy, I like to add some avocado to this salad

Kid Friendly Meals

Crescent Pepperoni Roll-Upeasy kid’s dinner

Ham and Cheese Pretzelsthese are not exactly “easy” to make, but so worth the extra time and effort


It was really hard to narrow the list down to just these eleven recipes. But I can tell you that most of them are pretty easy to make and almost all of them are kid friendly.

Are you on Pinterest too? Feel free to follow me at angelabarako and you can see all the recipes I pin and try. 





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