Skinny Fast Food: Healthier Tricks In The Drive-Thru


Do you ever notice there are skinny coffee drinks galore and lots of variations of skinny alcoholic drinks, and you can make tons of skinny meals at home, but what about skinny fast food? If you are a mom a) run a very busy life b) and really like to eat c)…then you probably find yourself searching for the more healthier options for fast food.

If you are like me, and often find yourself hungry in the car then you will probably find yourself in the drive through from time to time. This can not be good for the waistline especially  if you order the most popular items from the drive-thru menus. Although I do believe in the critics about fast food not the best for us in nutricional value, but if you are a mom reading this, I hope you are with me on this, because we just have to do it sometimes, let’s all admit it now!

If you are with me on this journey, here are a few healthier tricks I have recently found and wanted to share them with you.

1.) Chick-fil-a: I order the grilled chicken nuggets kids meal with fruit. I am not sure if I am not technically supposed to be ordering the kids meal for myself , but no one has said “no” to me yet, so I will carry on. For a six piece grilled chicken nuggets, a cup of fruit and buffalo dipping sauce, it is a whole 140 calories!

2.) In and Out: I order a hamburger, protein style (no bun, wrapped in lettuce), mustard, no sauce. This is not the most filling meal, because there are no real sides that can be ordered that are on the healthy side, but for this lettuce wrapped burger you are only at 160 calories. So plenty of room for a fruitandwalnuthealthy snack later!

3.) McDonalds: For a snack, hands down I love their Fruit and Walnut Salad, it only has 210 calories and such a great snack. For a light meal, you can order a Ranch Snack Wrap, and I just eat the grilled chicken and dip in Ranch and it is only 90 calories. Add the Fruit and Walnut Salad and you are now only at 300, not bad for a meal.

4.) Local Market/Gourmet Grocery: I love to stop by our local grocery market. I typically will go to the salad bar and fill a salad container up with the chicken breast and veggies then drizzle with balsamic vinegar. So delish!

5.) Chipolte: Always a favorite. I will usually get a salad bowl with lettuce, chicken, tomato and corn salsa and it is 300 calories. The only draw back, is this is pretty high in sodium, but when you are there with the family and you need to eat, this is a great healthier trick.

These are some of my “skinny fast food” tricks to help in our on-the-go healthier options.

Do you have any healthier favorites you found in the drive-thru?


Photo credits: Chick-fil-a here


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