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The Worry Makes Me Tired

My husband and I are finally catching up on sleep after a handful of years where consistent sleep just didn't happen. So why, WHY am I still so tired?    The worry. The worry makes me tired. 

Homemade PSL Hack: A Tribute to the Man of My Dreams

Do you love your Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but hate the price that it comes with? By price, I mean the monetary cost, the extra...

What we are talking about……{moving edition}

Hey there! Jessica and Angela here {two of the owners of Scottsdale Moms Blog} and we love to share all.those.things that we discover, try...

7 Secrets to Creating a Morning Routine for a Better YOU

Do you ever wake up late, can’t find the kid’s shoes, and then the fact that you’ve run out of peanut butter for school...

Why I Love November in Arizona

Its November, and finally less the 100º outside in Arizona. This is my favorite time of year, and not just because of all the...

Shop Local: Guide to Scottsdale Coffee

Like many mommies, I enjoy my coffee. Each day begins with a cup, and I usually end up buying another while I'm out and...

Dunkin’ Donuts Summer Special {Sponsored Post}

May marks the return of Dunkin' Donuts popular $1.49 medium iced coffee special! Participating Phoenix-area locations know that busy moms need something to fuel up...

Skinny Fast Food: Healthier Tricks In The Drive-Thru

Do you ever notice there are skinny coffee drinks galore and lots of variations of skinny alcoholic drinks, and you can make tons of skinny meals...

Local Business Spotlight | Shine Coffee

Bedtime arguments, 3-am feedings, preschoolers with nightmares, and endless loads of  laundry and dishes. Sure, this motherhood gig is precious and rewarding, but let’s...