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climbing toddler

I have a climber. For anyone else who has a climber, you know what that means – for those who don’t, I can sum it up in one sentence. Climbers give parents a constant heart attack as they try to climb up on everything with height. I have a 17 month old climber and I am always looking for ways to let her achieve her height desires, while not getting hurt in the meantime. Recently, I tried out a class at Gymboree and my climber finally found her happy place.


I took my daughter to a Play & Learn class at Gymboree of Scottsdale, located just west of Scottsdale Road, on Bell. As soon as I walked in and saw bright colors, pint sized climbing structures and padded floors, I knew we were in for a treat. We arrived about 15 minutes early and got to play on the gym equipment before class began. My daughter started climbing on everything and I could breath knowing the structures were small and the floors were padded.
climbing toddlerThe class itself is the perfect combination of structure and open play. The teacher sang songs, had a smile on her face and created a very inviting atmosphere for both parents and children while they went through different obstacle course of activities. The class included climbing up steps, sliding down slides, putting balls through tubes, bubbles (!), singing, laughing and a friendly environment inviting children to explore at their own pace. After a 45 minute class, children sang a goodbye song, received a stamp and could continue to play for another 15 minutes before another class began. This means that with the 30 minutes of open play (15 minutes before class and 15 minutes after class), along with the 45 minute class, children can have fun for well over an hour.

The class was so enjoyable that we made the decision to sign up for a membership. The benefits were just too good and here are five reasons why I decided to sign up…

  1. Flexibility – If you miss your scheduled class, you can attend another one throughout the week.
  2. Open Gym – 5 days of open gym! In addition to the scheduled class, members can attend open gym as much as they want. Currently, they offer open gym Monday through Friday.
  3. Clean – The environment was both clean and entertaining for the children.
  4. Worth The Money – Between the class and the open gym, I could potentially take my daughter here six days a week.
  5. Safe – The environment is safe. The structures are safe and the staff maintains a safe environment for the children.

Two bonuses – they offer birthday party packages for up to 20 children and even if you don’t have a membership, you can still bring your child to a class or an open gym for a non-member fee.


Thank you Gymboree for letting us take a class for free and supporting Scottsdale Moms Blog! All opinions expressed are my own.


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