LaundryCare is the Perfect Gift for a New Mom

Laundry Care sponsored this post and this mom is now completely hooked!
Last week, I felt like a rockstar. I tried out LaundryCare for the first time. I usually run the washer every morning and do a 2nd load at nap time. Some days, I run a 3rd load of towels or sheets as we go to bed. It never ends. 
I’m so thankful for all of the people in my home that fill up those dirty laundry baskets, but couldn’t we all agree just to wear pajamas one day a week? If we all did it on the same day, it wouldn’t be weird. It could be a sweeping, national movement! Is everyone with me?!
Well, since I guess that isn’t happening anytime soon, LaundryCare is totally the answer. 
I knew that I wanted to decorate the house for Thanksgiving and plan the menu, since we are hosting this year, so I scheduled pickup in the morning and pulled out all of the holiday decorations. 
I walked past the laundry room twice and about did an Irish jig when I didn’t have to switch anything around or fold anything! It gave me so much extra time. 
It really was a gift. When we received the clean laundry back, everything was perfectly folded and smelled amazing. I just opened up the bag and bluebirds sang as I put piles on everyone’s bed to put away. 
gift for new mom
As a photographer and blogger and mom of five, there are definitely seasons that are busier than others. This would be the perfect way to invest in my sanity. 
If you know a new mom, especially if this is kiddo #2, 3, 4, or 5, this would be an absolutely perfect gift to ease the never ending load! 

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  1. Hi! Sounds like a great idea and I tried to sign up and it says I’m not in the service area – is this service even available city-wide? If you are advertising it to your readers, it would be helpful to provide a link or web address or some other info to help people take advantage of it.

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