DocuSol® Kids – Constipation Symptom Relief

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As a mom of five, I was sure I was alone when one of my children suffered from constipation. None of my other children experienced this, so this was new territory for me.

DocuSol® KidsWe tried diet changes, medications recommended by our pediatrician, and exercise. It was so hard watching them go through this and not knowing how to help them.

As I slowly tried seeking advice from other moms, I learned I was absolutely not the only mom going through this. Living in the desert provided a unique situation where dehydration can happen easily, which doesn’t help the situation at all.

I was so relieved to know that I was not alone, but hand in hand with other moms searching for products to help our children.

I just learned that there is now a product on the market to help relieve symptoms of general constipation! It is called DocuSol® Kids and the product is safe and effective for children ages 2-12 and works within 2 – 15 minutes. 15 minutes! That is incredible!

DocuSol® KidsIf I ever face this again, I am so glad to know there is something on the market to boost their confidence and help them through this quickly. I so wish I had known about this years ago during our struggle with constipation.

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